The Devonshire Association (DA) is a hub of historical, scientific, artistic and literary enquiry. Supreme among its achievements are the annual volumes of its Transactions, which contain well over 2,000 papers and countless reports from the Sections since 1862.

  • See a list of titles of all papers published since 1862.
  • Abstracts are also available for each paper published since 1999.

The entire series covers an immense range of scholarly research relating to Devon and represents the greatest single repository of information about the county. It is recognized throughout the world as a valuable resource.

Submission of Papers

Anyone, whether a member of the DA or not, may submit a paper for publication. The only conditions are that the contribution deals with an appropriate Devon topic and that the manuscript is submitted according to the required format. All papers are peer-reviewed. See the Instructions for Authors.

Scanned copies of entire volumes 1862–1920

Scanned copies of the earlier volumes, almost in their entirety(*), are freely available from the Internet Archive website at After selecting a volume from the list below, it may be viewed by clicking ‘Read online’, or downloaded by clicking ‘All files HTTP’ and then right-clicking the pdf or djvu file. You may need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader or DjVu Browser Plug-in installed on your computer to view the files.

Two volumes of the Devonshire Domesday and Geld Inquest are also listed.

(*) The missing volumes are: IV 1870–1, VI 1873–4, XLI 1909 and L 1918