Annual General Meeting 2020

THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of The Devonshire Association
was held by videoconference
on Saturday 3rd October 2020 at 11 a.m.

  1. Statement from the Chair regarding the temporary amendment to the quorum (Rule 22).
  2. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
  3. Members and Associates: a) elected; b) resigned; or c) deceased since the last AGM.
  4. Report of the Executive Committee.
  5. Annual Financial Report.
  6. To elect the Officers for 2020/2021 (Rules 20 & 31).
  7. To re-elect Dr Jennifer Bennett and Mr John Maltby who have completed one term of three years on the Executive Committee and are eligible for re-election.
  8. To elect one Member to serve on the Executive Committee for three years (Rule 25).
  9. To appoint an ‘independent examiner’ for the current financial year 2020 (Rule 20).
  10. List of papers accepted by the Executive Committee for publication in the Transactions.
  11. Vote of thanks to the Officers of the Association, including those of the Branches and Sections, and the Registrar.

Notes regarding the Annual General Meeting
  1. Due to the restrictions imposed to combat the coronavirus pandemic the 2020 AGM was restricted to statutory business.
  2. Nominations were invited from Members for the positions of Officers, i.e. Chair, Vice-Chair, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Editor, to serve for one year (Rules 20 & 21) and for one member to serve for three years on the Executive Committee (Rule 25).