A list of beetle species in this family that have been recorded in Devon.


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Podabrus alpinus (Paykull, 1798)44+<19502019
Cantharis cryptica Ashe, 194715850++19462019
Cantharis decipiens Baudi, 18713319++<19502019
Cantharis figurata Mannerheim, 1843104++19792011
Cantharis fusca Linnaeus, 175885++19432015NS
Cantharis lateralis Linnaeus, 17583214++19892017
Cantharis livida Linnaeus, 1758179++<19502016
Cantharis flavilabris Fallén, 18078830++<19502019
Cantharis nigricans (Müller, O.F., 1776)7829++19452019
Cantharis pallida Goeze, 17778434++<19502020
Cantharis paludosa Fallén, 180754++19882011
Cantharis pellucida Fabricius, 17925722++<19502018
Cantharis rufa Linnaeus, 17585225++<19502019
Cantharis rustica Fallén, 18077129++<19502019
Cantharis nigra (De Geer, 1874)218++20032006
Rhagonycha nigriventris Motschulsky, 18607932++<19502019
Rhagonycha fulva (Scopoli, 1763)35564++<19502020
Rhagonycha lignosa (Müller, O.F., 1764)15745++<19502020
Rhagonycha testacea (Linnaeus, 1758)13438++<19502020
Rhagonycha translucida (Krynicki, 1832)66++19112011NS
Silis ruficollis (Fabricius, 1775)92++20112019
Malthinus balteatus Suffrian, 18516522++<19502015
Malthinus flaveolus (Herbst, 1786)5025++<19502019
Malthinus frontalis (Marsham, 1802)82++19902004NS
Malthinus seriepunctatus Kiesenwetter, 185211842++<19502020
Malthodes crassicornis (Mäklin, 1846)21+19891989NR
Malthodes dispar (Germar, 1824)1611++19432018
Malthodes flavoguttatus Kiesenwetter, 1852196++19882013
Malthodes fuscus (Waltl, 1838)3611++19882019
Malthodes guttifer Kiesenwetter, 18523212++19052011
Malthodes lobatus Kiesenwetter, 185252++20172019
Malthodes marginatus (Latreille, 1806)10939++<19502020
Malthodes maurus (Laporte, 1840)22+19882012NS
Malthodes minimus (Linnaeus, 1758)3620++19502020
Malthodes mysticus Kiesenwetter, 1852216+<19502019
Malthodes pumilus (Brébisson, 1835)1711++<19502019NS

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