A list of beetle species in this family that have been recorded in Devon.


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Rhyzobius chrysomeloides (Herbst, 1792)11+20162016NS
Rhyzobius litura (Fabricius, 1787)17542++<19502020
Rhyzobius lophanthae (Blaisdell, 1892)11+20162016
Coccidula rufa (Herbst, 1783)7227++<19502020
Coccidula scutellata (Herbst, 1783)21+20152016
Hyperaspis pseudopustulata Mulsant, 185353+<19502006
Nephus redtenbacheri (Mulsant, 1846)129++<19502019NS
Scymnus femoralis (Gyllenhal, 1827)33+<19502003
Scymnus frontalis (Fabricius, 1787)127++<19502018NS
Scymnus interruptus (Goeze, 1777)52+20132016
Scymnus nigrinus Kugelann, 179411+19711971
Scymnus schmidti Fuersch, 195811+19981998
Scymnus auritus Thunberg, 179586+<19502016NS
Scymnus haemorrhoidalis Herbst, 17972010++<19502019
Scymnus limbatus Stephens, 183264++<19501944
Scymnus suturalis Thunberg, 179564++<19501971NS
Stethorus pusillus (Herbst, 1797)55++19052018
Chilocorus bipustulatus (Linnaeus, 1758)4318++<19502019
Chilocorus renipustulatus (Scriba, 1791)2011++<19502019
Exochomus quadripustulatus (Linnaeus, 1758)6723++19712019
Platynaspis luteorubra (Goeze, 1777)21+<19501990
Halyzia sedecimguttata (Linnaeus, 1758)9135++<19502019NS
Vibidia duodecimguttata (Poda, 1761)11+20022002
Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata (Linnaeus, 1758)4613++<19502020NR
Myrrha octodecimguttata (Linnaeus, 1758)33+20132014
Calvia quattuordecimguttata (Linnaeus, 1758)8137++<19502019
Propylea quattuordecimpunctata (Linnaeus, 1758)23752++19452020
Myzia oblongoguttata (Linnaeus, 1758)32+19412011
Harmonia quadripunctata (Pontoppidan, 1763)42+19992011
Harmonia axyridis (Pallas, 1773)21636++20062020
Adalia bipunctata (Linnaeus, 1758)11533++<19502020
Adalia decempunctata (Linnaeus, 1758)11843++<19502020
Coccinella hieroglyphica Linnaeus, 175831+19612014
Coccinella magnifica Redtenbacher, 1843134+19872019
Coccinella quinquepunctata Linnaeus, 175862+18961913NS
Coccinella septempunctata Linnaeus, 175846171++<19502020NR
Coccinella undecimpunctata Linnaeus, 17584218++18672017
Anatis ocellata (Linnaeus, 1758)1410++19052019
Hippodamia variegata (Goeze, 1777)11+<1950<1950
Hippodamia tredecimpunctata (Linnaeus, 1758)22+19272011NS
Aphidecta obliterata (Linnaeus, 1758)1811++<19502016NR
Anisosticta novemdecimpunctata (Linnaeus, 1758)487++<19502019
Tytthaspis sedecimpunctata (Linnaeus, 1761)8626++<19502019
Subcoccinella vigintiquattuorpunctata (Linnaeus, 1758)11947++<19502019

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