A list of beetle species in this family that have been recorded in Devon.


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Telmatophilus brevicollis Aubé, 186211+20142014NR
Telmatophilus caricis (Olivier, 1790)42++<19502017
Telmatophilus typhae (Fallén, 1802)76++19432020
Paramecosoma melanocephalum (Herbst, 1793)55++<19502004
Henoticus californicus (Mannerheim, 1843)11+19051905
Henoticus serratus (Gyllenhal, 1808)11+19231923
Cryptophagus acutangulus Gyllenhal, 182711+19451945
Cryptophagus badius Sturm, 184532++<19501944NR
Cryptophagus cellaris (Scopoli, 1763)11+<1950<1950
Cryptophagus dentatus (Herbst, 1793)1611++<19502020
Cryptophagus distinguendus Sturm, 184522++<19502015
Cryptophagus lapponicus Gyllenhal, 182722+19211939NR
Cryptophagus laticollis Lucas, 184632++<19502010
Cryptophagus lycoperdi (Scopoli, 1763)11+<1950<1950
Cryptophagus reflexus Rey, 188922+<19502009
Cryptophagus punctipennis Brisout de Barneville, 186365++19451945
Cryptophagus denticulatus Heer, 184174++19672020
Cryptophagus pubescens Sturm, 184555++<19502019
Cryptophagus ruficornis Stephens, 183053+<19502012NS
Cryptophagus saginatus Sturm, 184522++<19501987
Cryptophagus scanicus (Linnaeus, 1758)3414++<19502020
Cryptophagus scutellatus Newman, 183411+<1950<1950
Cryptophagus setulosus Sturm, 184575++<19502021
Micrambe woodroffei Johnson, 200753++<19501993
Micrambe ulicis (Stephens, 1830)6331++19792017
Antherophagus silaceus (Herbst, 1792)11+19901993
Antherophagus pallens (Linnaeus, 1758)55++<19502005
Antherophagus similis Curtis, 183576++20162020
Caenoscelis ferruginea (Sahlberg, C.R., 1820)32+<1950<1950
Atomaria linearis Stephens, 1830169++<19501993
Atomaria nigrirostris Stephens, 1830147++19502019
Atomaria nigriventris Stephens, 183011+19991999NS
Atomaria strandi Johnson, 196711+19431943NS
Atomaria apicalis Erichson, 18463116++<19502016
Atomaria atra (Herbst, 1793)55++<19502019NS
Atomaria atricapilla Stephens, 18304120++<19502020
Atomaria basalis Erichson, 184611+19501950
Atomaria fuscata (Schönherr, 1808)4417++<19502020
Atomaria fuscipes (Gyllenhal, 1808)167++<19501993
Atomaria gutta Newman, 183495+<19502018
Atomaria lewisi Reitter, 1877309++19582020
Atomaria mesomela (Herbst, 1792)54++<19502016
Atomaria munda Erichson, 184632++<19501967
Atomaria nitidula (Marsham, 1802)1812++<19502020
Atomaria pusilla (Paykull, 1798)127++19591967
Atomaria rubella Heer, 18411810++<19502019
Atomaria rubida Reitter, 1875108++19502016
Atomaria rubricollis Brisout de Barneville, 186322+19101913NR
Atomaria scutellaris Motschulsky, 184942++20002017NR
Atomaria testacea Stephens, 18305721++<19502020
Ootypus globosus (Waltl, 1838)2216++<19502018
Ephistemus globulus (Paykull, 1798)5019++<19502021

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