A list of beetle species in this family that have been recorded in Devon.


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Hydraena britteni Joy, 190766++<19501941
Hydraena gracilis Germar, 182415442++18672016
Hydraena minutissima Stephens, 18295813+<19501993
Hydraena nigrita Germar, 18243612++18282004
Hydraena pulchella Germar, 182421+19111911NR
Hydraena pygmaea Waterhouse, G.R., 18333611++18982013NR
Hydraena riparia Kugelann, 179410832++<19502017
Hydraena rufipes Curtis, 18303814++<19502004NS
Hydraena testacea Curtis, 18304821++<19502017
Limnebius nitidus (Marsham, 1802)148++<19502014
Limnebius papposus Mulsant, 184473+18291999NS
Limnebius truncatellus (Thunberg, 1794)17455++18292017
Ochthebius exsculptus Germar, 18242315++18981988NS
Ochthebius auriculatus Rey, 188664+19071949NS
Ochthebius bicolon Germar, 18245721++<19502018
Ochthebius dilatatus Stephens, 18296319++<19502019
Ochthebius lejolisii Mulsant & Rey, 18612910++<19502020NS
Ochthebius minimus (Fabricius, 1792)3211++<19502013
Ochthebius nanus Stephens, 182942+<19501987NS
Ochthebius poweri Rye, 18695613++<19501994NR
Ochthebius punctatus Stephens, 182974++<19501950NS
Ochthebius marinus (Paykull, 1798)175++<19502010
Ochthebius fallaciosus Ganglbauer, 190142+<1950<1950NS

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