A list of beetle species in this family that have been recorded in Devon.


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Berosus affinis Brullé, 183511+20102010
Berosus luridus (Linnaeus, 1761)33++<19501964NS
Chaetarthria seminulum sens. lat.1711++<19502018NS
Chaetarthria simillima Vorst & Cuppen, 2003139++19882020NS
Paracymus scutellaris (Rosenhauer, 1856)3312+<19502018NS
Hydrobius fuscipes (Linnaeus, 1758)6828++18292018
Anacaena bipustulata (Marsham, 1802)96++<19502010
Anacaena globulus (Paykull, 1798)18146++<19502019
Anacaena limbata (Fabricius, 1792)4320++<19502018
Anacaena lutescens (Stephens, 1829)9228++19552017
Laccobius colon (Stephens, 1829)54++<19502004
Laccobius minutus (Linnaeus, 1758)64++<19502008
Laccobius atratus (Rottenburg, 1874)8922++<19502018NS
Laccobius ytenensis Sharp, 19101915++<19502014
Laccobius bipunctatus (Fabricius, 1775)2917++<19502017
Laccobius sinuatus Motschulsky, 184932++<19501942NS
Laccobius striatulus (Fabricius, 1801)4221++<19502011
Helochares lividus (Forster, 1771)4418++18292017
Helochares obscurus (Müller, O.F., 1776)11+19781978NR
Helochares punctatus Sharp, 18697618++19292019NS
Enochrus bicolor (Fabricius, 1792)55++<19502010NS
Enochrus coarctatus (Gredler, 1863)73+<19502005
Enochrus fuscipennis (Thomson, C.G., 1884)2910++19292018
Enochrus melanocephalus (Olivier, 1792)75++<19502013
Enochrus ochropterus (Marsham, 1802)32+<19501999
Enochrus quadripunctatus (Herbst, 1797)32++<19501998NS
Enochrus testaceus (Fabricius, 1801)11+20202020
Cymbiodyta marginella (Fabricius, 1792)21+19872003
Coelostoma orbiculare (Fabricius, 1775)6023++<19502020
Dactylosternum abdominale (Fabricius, 1792)11++20202020
Sphaeridium bipustulatum Fabricius, 17811110++<19502020
Sphaeridium lunatum Fabricius, 17922915++19502019
Sphaeridium marginatum Fabricius, 178733++19502016
Sphaeridium scarabaeoides (Linnaeus, 1758)5026++<19502020
Cercyon littoralis (Gyllenhal, 1808)178++<19502014
Cercyon depressus Stephens, 182965++<19502011NS
Cercyon ustulatus (Preyssler, 1790)2715++<19502018
Cercyon nigriceps (Marsham, 1802)114++20102020
Cercyon bifenestratus Küster, 185111+19501950NS
Cercyon convexiusculus Stephens, 182943++<19501992
Cercyon granarius Erichson, 183722++<1950<1950NS
Cercyon haemorrhoidalis (Fabricius, 1775)2416++<19502016
Cercyon impressus (Sturm, 1807)4422++<19502020
Cercyon laminatus Sharp, 187322++20102018
Cercyon lateralis (Marsham, 1802)1711++<19502020
Cercyon marinus Thomson, C.G., 185322+19532020
Cercyon melanocephalus (Linnaeus, 1758)3216++<19502020
Cercyon pygmaeus (Illiger, 1801)146++<19502018
Cercyon quisquilius (Linnaeus, 1761)33++<19502016
Cercyon sternalis Sharp, 191822+<19501950
Cercyon terminatus (Marsham, 1802)124++<19502016
Cercyon tristis (Illiger, 1801)106++<19502017
Cercyon unipunctatus (Linnaeus, 1758)104++<19502020
Cercyon analis (Paykull, 1798)3011++<19502020
Megasternum concinnum (Marsham, 1802)4120++19432020
Megasternum immaculatum (Stephens, 1829)96++19772020
Cryptopleurum minutum (Fabricius, 1775)2515++<19502020
Cryptopleurum subtile Sharp, 1884104++19582020

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