A list of beetle species in this family that have been recorded in Devon.


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Anisotoma humeralis (Fabricius, 1792)159++19502019
Anisotoma orbicularis (Herbst, 1792)85++19402019
Agathidium nigrinum Sturm, 180732++<19502016
Agathidium nigripenne (Fabricius, 1792)22++<1950<1950
Agathidium rotundatum (Gyllenhal, 1827)33++<19501950
Agathidium varians Beck, 181722++<19502016
Agathidium atrum (Paykull, 1798)22++20162017
Agathidium laevigatum Erichson, 184564+<19501947
Agathidium seminulum (Linnaeus, 1758)11+<1950<1950
Leiodes calcarata (Erichson, 1845)85++<19502020
Leiodes ciliaris (Schmidt, W.L.E., 1841)61+<19501980NS
Leiodes ferruginea (Fabricius, 1787)11+19351935
Leiodes flavescens (Schmidt, W.L.E., 1841)11+20122012NR
Leiodes litura Stephens, 183222+19672019
Leiodes rufipennis (Paykull, 1798)55++<19502018
Leiodes badia (Sturm, 1807)11+19991999
Leiodes gyllenhalii Stephens, 182922++<19501956NR
Leiodes strigipennis Daffner, 198332+20172019NR
Liocyrtusa minuta (Ahrens, 1812)11+19421942NS
Liocyrtusa vittata (Curtis, 1840)33+<19502005
Colenis immunda (Sturm, 1807)11+<1950<1950
Hydnobius punctatus (Sturm, 1807)21+19051905NS
Colon brunneum (Latreille, 1807)22+19992017
Colon dentipes (Sahlberg, C.R., 1822)22++<19502020NR
Colon serripes (Sahlberg, C.R., 1822)11+20172017
Colon viennense Herbst, 179722+<1950<1950NR
Ptomaphagus sericatus (Chaudoir, 1845)76+<19502020
Ptomaphagus subvillosus (Goeze, 1777)2610++<19502020
Ptomaphagus varicornis (Rosenhauer, 1847)11+20162016NR
Nemadus colonoides (Kraatz, 1851)44++19442020
Nargus velox (Spence, 1813)1913++<19502018
Nargus wilkini (Spence, 1813)107++19552018
Nargus anisotomoides (Spence, 1813)33+<1950<1950
Choleva spadicea (Sturm, 1839)55+<1950<1950
Choleva agilis (Illiger, 1798)64++<19502019
Choleva angustata (Fabricius, 1781)44++<19501965
Choleva fagniezi Jeannel, 192211+19491949
Choleva glauca Britten, 191833+19332018NS
Choleva jeanneli Britten, 192233++19422017
Choleva oblonga Latreille, 180753++<19502018
Sciodrepoides fumatus (Spence, 1813)22++<19502015
Sciodrepoides watsoni (Spence, 1813)3314++<19502020
Catops chrysomeloides (Panzer, 1798)104++<19501979
Catops coracinus Kellner, 184688++<19502018
Catops fuliginosus Erichson, 1837139++<19502018
Catops fuscus (Panzer, 1794)22+<1950<1950
Catops grandicollis Erichson, 183776++<19502018
Catops kirbyi (Spence, 1813)22++19482015
Catops longulus Kellner, 184611+19831983NS
Catops morio (Fabricius, 1787)107++19632019
Catops nigricans (Spence, 1813)1811++<19502019
Catops tristis (Panzer, 1793)127++<19502018
Apocatops nigrita (Erichson, 1837)1610++<19502017
Parabathyscia wollastoni (Janson, 1857)106++<19502020
Leptinus testaceus Müller, P.W.J., 18171310+18902018

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