A list of beetle species in this family that have been recorded in Devon.


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Omphalapion hookerorum (Kirby, W., 1808)2410++<19502017
Omphalapion laevigatum (Paykull, 1792)31+<19501949NR
Ceratapion onopordi (Kirby, W., 1808)2417++<19502020
Ceratapion gibbirostre (Gyllenhal, 1813)4320++<19502020
Diplapion confluens (Kirby, W., 1808)108++<19502017
Diplapion stolidum (Germar, 1817)11+19961996NS
Acentrotypus brunnipes (Boheman, 1839)11+<1950<1950NR
Aspidapion radiolus (Marsham, 1802)149++<19502018
Aspidapion aeneum (Fabricius, 1775)63++<19501951
Squamapion atomarium (Kirby, W., 1808)105++<19502016
Squamapion cineraceum (Wencker, 1864)22+19431950NS
Squamapion flavimanum (Gyllenhal, 1833)11+19511951NS
Squamapion vicinum (Kirby, W., 1808)22++<1950<1950NS
Kalcapion pallipes (Kirby, W., 1808)64++20042019
Taeniapion urticarium (Herbst, 1784)22+19432014
Pseudapion rufirostre (Fabricius, 1775)117++<19502019
Malvapion malvae (Fabricius, 1775)54+20052019
Exapion fuscirostre (Fabricius, 1775)11+20192019
Exapion ulicis (Forster, 1771)6534++<19502019
Protapion apricans (Herbst, 1797)4418++<19502019
Protapion assimile (Kirby, W., 1808)3916++<19502017
Protapion difforme (Germar, 1818)63+<19501979NS
Protapion dissimile (Germar, 1817)92++19391996NS
Protapion filirostre (Kirby, W., 1808)106++<19502017NS
Protapion fulvipes (Geoffroy in Fourcroy, 1785)13138++<19502020
Protapion laevicolle (Kirby, W., 1811)33++20152015
Protapion nigritarse (Kirby, W., 1808)3216++<19502020
Protapion ononidis (Gyllenhal, 1827)237++<19502016
Protapion schoenherri (Boheman, 1839)11+<1950<1950NS
Protapion trifolii (Linnaeus, 1768)3213++<19502019
Protapion varipes (Germar, 1817)74++<19502011NS
Aizobius sedi (Germar, 1818)22++19461996NS
Perapion affine (Kirby, W., 1808)11+19471947NS
Perapion curtirostre (Germar, 1817)8530++<19502019
Perapion hydrolapathi (Marsham, 1802)4921++<19502019
Perapion marchicum (Herbst, 1797)128++<19502019
Perapion violaceum (Kirby, W., 1808)7429++<19502020
Apion cruentatum Walton, J., 18442213++<19502013
Apion frumentarium (Linnaeus, 1758)8027++<19502020
Apion haematodes Kirby, W., 1808138++<19502018
Apion rubens Stephens, 183944++<19501999
Apion rubiginosum Grill, 189363+19882006NR
Catapion pubescens (Kirby, W., 1811)105++<19502004NS
Catapion seniculus (Kirby, W., 1808)106++<19502017
Betulapion simile (Kirby, W., 1811)22+<19501948
Stenopterapion meliloti (Kirby, W., 1808)22+19392003
Stenopterapion tenue (Kirby, W., 1808)1710++<19502017
Stenopterapion scutellare (Kirby, W., 1811)149++<19502017
Ischnopterapion loti (Kirby, W., 1808)5725++<19502019
Ischnopterapion modestum (Germar, 1817)2114++19772019
Ischnopterapion virens (Herbst, 1797)5619++<19502018
Protopirapion atratulum (Germar, 1817)3818++<19502019
Synapion ebeninum (Kirby, W., 1808)96++<19502018
Holotrichapion ononis (Kirby, W., 1808)197++<19502016
Holotrichapion pisi (Fabricius, 1801)41+<19502017
Holotrichapion aethiops (Herbst, 1797)22+<19502011
Pirapion immune (Kirby, W., 1808)128++<19502017
Cyanapion spencii (Kirby, W., 1808)31+20182018
Cyanapion afer (Gyllenhal, 1833)86++<19502017
Cyanapion gyllenhalii (Kirby, W., 1808)75++20152015
Oxystoma craccae (Linnaeus, 1767)76++<19502015
Oxystoma pomonae (Fabricius, 1798)1610++19962019
Oxystoma subulatum (Kirby, W., 1808)53++<19502011
Eutrichapion ervi (Kirby, W., 1808)2714++<19502019
Eutrichapion viciae (Paykull, 1800)2510++<19502018
Eutrichapion vorax (Herbst, 1797)11+19431943
Eutrichapion punctiger (Paykull, 1792)22++19051956

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