The Devon section of the website contains all the content that the DA hosts about Devon, rather than about itself. The header on this page shows an extract from Domesday (“In the City of Exeter the King has 300 houses …”).

We have two contents pages to help navigate the Devon section. This page contains links to contemporary content and the other page has links to historical content, which we have randomly decided to be anything older than 1980.

Front cover of The Devonshire Association's 150th volume of Transactions, 2018.Contemporary content

From our Transactions

Abstracts of papers published in our Transactions

Book reviews

Over the years we have published many reviews of Devon-related books in our Transactions and in DA News. A selection can now be read here.

A New Flora of Devon

The authors have kindly given permission for us to include A New Flora of Devon (published in hardback in 2016) on this website. See it here.

List of Devon Beetles

Martin Luff, Country Recorder for Coleoptera, has created a list of the 2,725 (and counting!) beetle species that have been recorded in Devon. There are many distribution maps and illustrations too. See the database here.

Section reports

Our annual conferences are held in a different town in Devon each year (though we do occasionally stray into Cornwall or Somerset). Our Sections produce reports on the town and its surroundings and collectively these provide a useful introduction to the place:

Buildings Section survey reports

These are reports of detailed surveys of individual buildings undertaken by members of the Buildings Section since 1988.

Other contemporary materials

These are mostly copies of papers from our Transactions which the authors have kindly allowed us to republish, but other work is also included. They are listed below in order of publication from 1980 to date.

1980 – 99

2000 – 09

Photos of coins from John Allan’s paper on the Lydford Mint

2010 – 14

2015 – 19

2020 –