Devon – historical content

The Devon section of the website contains all the content that the DA hosts about Devon, rather than about itself. The header on this page shows an extract from Domesday (“In the City of Exeter the King has 300 houses …”).

We have two contents pages to help navigate the Devon section. This page contains links to historical content, which we have randomly decided to be anything older than 1980.  The other page has links to contemporary content, from 1980 to date.

Worth’s Dartmoor

First published by the DA in 1953 and republished several times since, we are now able to make this king-pin of Dartmoor literature freely available on this website. See the work’s contents page here.

From our Transactions

Title page of Transactions 1894

A typical early title page

Over 1,300 papers and hundreds of Reports from various Sections and Committees were published before 1921.

We are re-publishing some of the papers and reports that appeared in these early volumes. These examples, ordered by publication date, give an indication of the wide range of what is available:

19th century

1862 – 80

1881 – 99

20th century

1900 – 14

1915 – 24

1925 – 1979

Note that in view of their age we make no claims about the accuracy of the conclusions drawn in these older articles. We are making them available for several reasons, including: to form a basis for further research; to bring possible overlooked information into the light; to improve on the often poor quality of the automatically scanned volumes on Google and the Internet Archive; and lastly just to enjoy learning about how things used to be, what we used to do, what we used to believe – and how we used to write!

For content originally published from 1980 to date, see the other contents page.

Source information

See the source clouds page for lists of the most common authors, locations and topics for all the Devon content on this site.