Book review. Beautiful Devon: A Portrait of a County

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Author(s): Buller. Antony T; Year published: 2019; Origin: Member-contributed; Pages: 
Topic(s): photography; Location(s): 

Nigel Hicks,  Beautiful Devon: A Portrait of a County. Aquaterra Publishing, 2018. 80pp. Paperback. ISBN 978-09927970-2-7. £9.99

This book contains a selection of superb, annotated colour photographs by renowned professional photographer and travel/tourism author Nigel Hicks, whose commissions include National Geographic Creative. It begins with a general introductory chapter ‘All about Devon’, followed by geographically designated ‘photo essays’: Exeter and East Devon; The Southern Riviera; Dartmoor and the Heart of Devon; and The North and Devonian Exmoor.

The photographs range from beautifully atmospheric landscapes and seascapes to the vibrant rich colours of harbours and beach scenes. Aimed at locals and visitors alike, this book is an exceptionally well written production, beautifully designed by Topics – the Creative Partnership, and printed locally by Short Run Press. Other books in the same vein by the author include Wild Southwest and Beautiful Cornwall. [Incidentally, Aquaterra Publishing ( was specially established to showcase the author’s work]. Perhaps the photographs might have been accompanied by metadata for the benefit of photography aficionados.

Antony T. Buller
(first published in DA News Autumn 2019)