Book review. Turning Paignton’s Pages 1500–1700

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Author(s): Gillard. Bridget; Year published: 2019; Origin: Member-contributed; Pages: 
Topic(s): history; Location(s): Paignton

John Pentney, Turning Paignton’s Pages 1500–1700. Grandad Publishing, 2018. 42pp. Pamphlet. ISBN 978-1-9995931-0-0. £6

John Pentney, a member of the DA and former Chair of the Paignton Heritage Society, has written a booklet looking at the history of Paignton, ‘the richest parish in Devon’, from the Reformation until the end of the seventeenth century. This easy to read booklet includes information on the Survey of Paignton in 1567 by the Earl of Pembroke and follows the fortunes and dramas of the town through a period of great incident. His account includes the effect of the plague on the parish, the imprisonment of Spanish sailors following the defeat of the Armada, and the arrival of William of Orange. The booklet is dedicated to John Pentney’s grandchildren, but will be of interest to anyone who wishes to know more about Paignton’s past.

Bridget Gillard
(first published in DA News Autumn 2019)