On Some Recent Additions to the Fauna of Devon (1864)

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Author(s): Rowe. J. Brooking; Year published: 1864; Origin: DA Transactions; Pages: 51-52
Topic(s): ornithology; Location(s): 

By J. Brooking Rowe, F.L.S.

The following species were referred to as having occurred in the county, and not recorded, except in periodicals.


Aquila naevia. Briss. Spotted eagle. One specimen was killed at Lundy Island in 1859.

Regulus ignicapillus. Brhm. Fire-crested Regulus. Two have been obtained in the county,—at Devonport.

Accentor alpinus. Gmel. Alpine Accentor. Specimens have been observed at Torquay and Plymouth.

Aëdon galactodes. Temm. Rufous Sedge Warbler. This Continental warbler has only been noticed twice in this country. The first on Brighton Downs, in 1854, and the second near the Start Point, in 1859.

Calamoherpe turdoides. Meyer. Thrush-like Warbler. Eggs of this rare British species have been taken from the nest at Staddiscombe, near Plymouth.

Melanocorypha calandra. Linn. Calandra Lark. Mr. Gatcombe recently found, in the collection of a bird preserver at Devonport, a bird of this species, which had been obtained in the neighbourhood, and was supposed by its possessor to be a specimen of the Shore Lark. This is the only specimen recorded as British.

Syrrhaptes paradoxus. Pall. Pallas’ Sand Grouse. Two of these birds were shot out of a flock of thirteen, seen on Slapton Ley, near Kingsbridge, in June, 1863.

Cursorius europaeus. Lath. Cream-coloured Courser. A pair were seen on Braunton Burrows, North Devon, in 1860, by Mr. Matthews.

Anser canadensis. Linn. Canada Goose. Four specimens, apparently wild birds, have been obtained in this county. The two last, in the winter of 1860.

Chroicocephalus ichthyaëtos. Pall. Great Black-headed Gull. One of these birds, the giant of the Black-headed Gulls, was shot near Exmouth in June, 1859, the only instance of its occurrence in England.


Triton palmatus. Dum. et Bib. Palmated Smooth Newt. This species is not uncommon in many localities.

N.B.—The above-mentioned species have all been more particularly mentioned in my recently published “Catalogue of the Mammals, Birds, &c., of Devon.”