The Three Hares in Medieval Devon and Beyond (2016)

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Author(s): Andrew. Susan; Year published: 2016; Origin: other; Pages: 84-129
Topic(s): art, churches, folklore, and three hares; Location(s): 

This chapter, full title “Friend or Foe? Three Hares in Medieval Devon and Beyond” by Dr Sue Andrew, is extracted from Greeves, T., Andrew, S., and Chapman, C., The Three Hares: A Curiosity Worth Regarding published by Skerryvore Productions in 2016. It is in pdf format and can be read using the viewer below.

Alternatively the pdf file can be downloaded via this link.


Permission to republish this chapter for research and educational purposes was kindly given by the authors in March 2020, but it remains © The Three Hares Project, Skerryvore Productions 2020.