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Iron ore mining in Devon and W. Somerset (IA Section)

Sat. 8 May 2021 at 2:30 pm


To be held by Zoom video conferencing

A talk by Dr Mick Atkinson. Full title: “Iron ore mining in Devon and West Somerset and its links with the South Wales iron and steel industry”.

Whilst the tin and copper industries of the south west have attracted a lot of attention in recent decades, the iron ore mining industry has not. Yet, at least for a short period of time, the extraction of iron ore in Devon and West Somerset was of some national importance, not because of the scale of extraction but because of the qualities of the ore. What drove this was the demand from the South Wales iron and steel industry and this talk will aim to explain the factors behind this as well as giving a description of the mining industry itself in the two counties.

Mick Atkinson is an industrial historian whose University of Exeter PhD thesis covers the iron ore mining industry in Britain in the nineteenth century. Relevant to this talk, he worked at University College, Cardiff writing a book on the South Wales iron industry and two articles on its raw material supply. He has a keen interest in the industrial history of the South West.

(Note: this talk was originally scheduled for 22 May)

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Sat. 8 May 2021
2:30 pm
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Industrial Archaeology Section (Mike Stannard)


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