DA Forum FAQs

Here are some useful hints and tips about our discussion forums.

The main forums page is here. The registration page is here.

What is a forum?

If you are unfamiliar with online forums (also called web forums, internet forums, discussion boards, etc.) and would like some more information about them, these two webpages give decent explanations:

They explain some of the benefits too.

I’m a DA member – why can’t I see the members-only content?

You need to register, here. It’s a one-off process. Then you need to log in using the boxes at the top of the sidebar on the forum page here. (If you’re on a mobile, the sidebar will probably be below the main content.)

Staying signed in

If you tick the ‘Keep me signed in’ box when logging in, you will stay signed in to the website for 14 days. If you don’t, you will be signed out after two days – just log in again to continue.

Subscribing to content

You can request that an email is sent to you whenever anyone posts a new message in any forum or topic in which you are interested – just click the small ‘Subscribe’ link, top right of the relevant page; it will change to read ‘Unsubscribe’.

Ticking the box ‘Notify me of follow-up replies via email’ before clicking the Submit button to send a message has the same effect.

Be aware though that the notification emails might end up in your spam folder.

Posting topics and replies

Each new subject that you’re introducing should be posted as a new topic. You do this from an appropriate forum page – after the list of existing topics there’s a short ‘Topic Title’ box and a larger text input box beneath in which to type your message or question. These boxes have dark blue borders.

Replies to topics are entered via the green-bordered ‘Reply To:’ box that appears at the bottom of a topic page (or on the last page of the topic, if there are already more than 25 replies).

The indicator showing that there are more posts on a second page

Can I include photos, etc?

Yes you can. Below the text input box there’s an ‘Upload Attachments’ section which allows you to add up to two files from your computer or phone to each post. Note that the maximum file size for each is 2 MB, which is smaller than most photos from cameras and mobile phones, so it may be necessary to resize or crop a photo. If you have a large file that you can’t make small enough, you can email it to forum.admin@devonassoc.org.uk with an explanation. We can add it to your posting later.

Note that you must adhere to standard copyright and privacy rules when uploading any photos or other content to our website. We will remove any files that may not comply.

I made a mistake in my post, can I correct it?

After posting a message, you have five minutes grace to edit it. Just click the EDIT link that appears towards the right of the pale green bar above your message. After five minutes, if it’s important enough to correct you’ll have to contact forum admin.

The forum pages are not updating!

In common with most other webpages, our forum pages don’t automatically update. So when someone adds a new post, it’s not shown. To see any new content you will either have to manually reload the page (there will be a button at the top of your browser for this), or click on another forum/topic/message link – if you do that, the ‘Latest Activity’ list in the sidebar will get updated.

Can I create my own forum(s)?

No, but what we have now is not fixed indefinitely. If you have a proposal for a new forum to enable discussion about a large area of interest that the existing forums don’t cover, email forum.admin@devonassoc.org.uk and we’ll consider it.

Should I post xyz?

Don’t worry about whether anyone will be interested in what you post. Some messages or questions will go unanswered, for sure, but one never knows what may interest others. So don’t have any doubts: if you have something you think is interesting (and on-topic) to say, or a question to ask, no matter how apparently abstruse, please go ahead and add it.

If any posting is deemed to be too far off topic, it will be removed by the moderators.

Is your question not answered here? Send an email to forum.admin@devonassoc.org.uk