Last testing phase before launch

This page is retained temporarily for interest – the website went live on 13 October 2017.

At the latest Executive Committee meeting I was given approval to launch our new website after the Forum on 11 October. A piece giving general details about the website will appear in DA News, due out later this month.

“…each Branch and Section committee should have the opportunity to evaluate the new website…”The Executive considers it important that each Branch and Section committee should have the opportunity to evaluate the new website before it goes live, and we have set aside the next four weeks for this, ending at the October Forum at which we plan to wrap up any remaining issues. Since it is not yet completed, we don’t want the membership at large to be aware of its existence yet, but if there are a few non-committee members whose experience would be useful, we’d appreciate their input. I am committed to reply to any questions, consider all feedback received, and to make any changes to the site that are clearly beneficial or for which a strong consensus is voiced – if they are possible to implement, of course!

The main way of navigating around this site is via the menu bar at the top of every page. There are still some rough edges that I am aware of and which I plan to tidy up. When it is launched it will replace our present website at

Apart from the major design overhaul, the main changes are:

  1. The addition of an Events system to supplement the printed Events Diary. It allows much more freedom in what goes into the ‘adverts’ for events – more text, photos, illustrations, etc. (see an example). And, of course, the event details can be updated if there are changes.
  2. Reports on events can be published whenever they are ready and they are not limited in size (within reason!)
  3. Each Branch and Section now has its own dedicated page (see the list here). I have populated these pages with default information, but they can – if desired – have more content added to them.
  4. The website will now include information about Devon: I have made a start by adding the annual Section Reports and some content from early volumes of Transactions. There will also be the opportunity to contribute short articles. More on these aspects later.

The Executive hopes that everyone will find the new website to be useful and will see the benefits of accessing it regularly to keep up to date with what’s happening and to use it as a tool to contribute to the work of the Association. However, it is additional to what we do now and if anyone does not or cannot yet take part, they won’t lose access to anything they currently have: DA News and the Events Diary will still be published every six months, although from now on much of the content will naturally appear here first.

Our hope is that everyone will support the Association as it launches itself into the digital future. There are further benefits to come.

You can see more postings about the development of this website here.

John Maltby,
New website administrator