List of Devon Beetles

Compiled by Martin Luff, (D.A. Recorder for Coleoptera), January 2021.
Web implementation by John Maltby.

This list is based on the index of Devon beetles compiled by the late G.H.Ashe (1879-1961), and left to the D.A. by Ashe. A full history of beetle recording in the county is in the paper on Devon entomology by Beavan et al, 2018, Rep.Trans.D.A.. 150:51-106. Ashe’s index has been supplemented by successive County Recorders, with many additional species being listed in the Annual Reports of the Entomology Section. Further records have been compiled by the present Recorder from data sent by other coleopterists, entomological journals and selected museum collections. The list is a dynamic and incomplete snapshot of current information that will be updated periodically.

Clicking on a family name in the table below leads to a species list for that family, and almost all of the species names link to a map, an illustration and information for that species. Note that the table can be sorted by clicking on any of the header entries.

Beetle images on the maps are used by permission from Lech Borowiec L. 2007. Iconographia Coleopterorum Poloniae or from CC licensed internet sources.


Scientific nameVernacular nameDevon speciesUK species
GyrinidaeWhirligig beetles812
HaliplidaeCrawling water beetles1519
HygrobiidaeScreech beetles11
NoteridaeBurrowing diving beetles22
DytiscidaeDiving beetles82118
CarabidaeGround beetles262364
HelophoridaeGrooved water scavenger beetles1720
GeorissidaeMinute mud-loving beetles11
HydrochidaeHydrochid beetles37
HydrophilidaeWater scavenger beetles5973
HisteridaeHister beetles3452
HydraenidaeMoss beetles2332
PtiliidaeFeatherwing beetles3876
LeiodidaeLeiodid beetles5694
SilphidaeBurying and carrion beetles1721
StaphylinidaeRove beetles8121129
LucanidaeStag beetles34
TrogidaeHide beetles23
GeotrupidaeDor beetles78
ScarabaeidaeDung beetles and chafers5484
EucinetidaeEucinetid beetles11
ClambidaeFringe-winged beetles810
ScirtidaeMarsh beetles1820
DascillidaeSoft-bodies plant beetles11
BuprestidaeJewel beetles817
ByrrhidaePill beetles813
ElmidaeRiffle beetles1012
DryopidaeLong-toed water beetles89
LimnichidaeMinute marsh-loving beetles11
HeteroceridaeVariegated mud-loving beetles68
PsephenidaeWater penny beetles11
EucnemidaeFalse click beetles37
ThroscidaeThroscid beetles47
ElateridaeClick beetles3673
LycidaeNet-winged beetles14
LampyridaeGlow worms13
CantharidaeSoldier beetles3641
DermestidaeCarpet and hide beetles1041
BostrichidaeAuger beetles25
PtinidaeWoodworm and spider beetles2457
LymexylidaeShip-timber beetles12
PhloiophilidaePhloiophilid beetles11
TrogossitidaeTrogossitid beetles15
CleridaeChequered beetles313
MelyridaeSoft-winged flower beetles1126
SphindidaeCryptic slime-mould beetles22
KateretidaeShort-winged flower beetles89
NitidulidaeSap and pollen beetles5794
MonotomidaeRoot-eating beetles1623
SilvanidaeSilvanid beetles512
CucujidaeFlat bark beetles12
LaemophloeidaeLined flat bark beetles313
PhalacridaeShining flower beetles1216
CryptophagidaeSilken fungus beetles53101
ErotylidaePleasing fungus beetles58
ByturidaeRaspberry beetles22
BiphyllidaeFalse skin beetles22
BothrideridaeBothriderid beetles15
CerylonidaeCerylonid beetles35
AlexiidaeAlexiid beetles11
EndomychidaeFalse ladybird beetles58
CoccinellidaeLadybird beetles4455
CorylophidaeCorylophid beetles912
LatridiidaeMould beetles3356
MycetophagidaeHairy fungus beetles1015
CiidaeMinute fungus beetles1622
TetratomidaePolypore fungus beetles34
MelandryidaeFalse darkling beetles1017
MordellidaeTumbling flower beetles717
RipiphoridaeWasp nest beetles11
ZopheridaeZopherid beetles513
TenebrionidaeDarkling beetles2447
OedemeridaeFalse blister beetles710
MeloidaeOil beetles510
MycteridaeMycterid beetles11
PyrochroidaeCardinal beetles23
SalpingidaeNarrow-waisted bark beetles611
AnthicidaeAnt-like flower beetles613
AderidaeAnt-like leaf beetles23
ScraptiidaeTumbling flower beetles1114
CerambycidaeLonghorn beetles3771
OrsodacnidaeOrsodacnid leaf beetles12
ChrysomelidaeSeed and leaf beetles203226
AnthribidaeFungus weevils210
RhynchitidaeTooth-nosed snout weevils1018
AttelabidaeLeaf-rolling weevils22
NanophyidaeNanophyid weevils12
ApionidaeSeed weevils6887
DryophthoridaeDryophthorid weevils14
ErirhinidaeErirhinid weevils1014
CurculionidaeTrue weevils and bark beetles315489

Total Devon Species: 2725. Total UK species: 4050.