Moving closer to home

This page is retained temporarily for interest. The website went live on 13 October 2017.

On 9 August 2017 we moved the demo website to which is only one step away from its final home when it will replace the existing website – hopefully in mid October.

The website has also been relocated to a new shared-hosting server and it is presently running very efficiently; though we can expect it to slow down in time as other websites start to compete with us for processing power.

The planned timescale for implementation is:

  • 11 September: request the Executive Committee’s official approval for specific features of the new site
  • 12 September: email Branch and Section representatives to solicit their feedback, and respond to it up to …
  • 11 October: the DA Forum, where a segment will be reserved for final discussions between the Executive and the Branch/Section representatives.
  • c. 12 October: new website will go live (exact date dependent on the above).

Further to my last blog post, I’m pleased to report that the new speedy server has allowed us to implement a better on-site search engine that displays snippets of the content around the search ‘hits’, much like Google does. Access it via the magnifying glass that’s at the top right of every page.

John Maltby