Entomology Section


Watching a moth trap
Photo: Robin Wootton

The Entomology Section promotes the study and recording of insects and also spiders in the county.

Meetings, talks, exhibitions, publications and field trips are arranged annually across the county of Devon and are suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Field trips are usually held in association with other specialist groups with whom we maintain close links. We also meet with other sections to demonstrate, and learn, about the inter-relationships with other disciplines.

With at least ten specialists in different Orders within the insect class we cater for a wide range of interests. Some of our Recorders are national experts in their field and hence we are the major collective source of entomological expertise in the county.


(as of January 2023)

Chair: Clive Betts
Vice-chair: Robin Wootton
Hon. Secretary: Stella Beavan (Tel. 07710 879277, email: entomology@devonassoc.org.uk)
Hon. Treasurer: Chris Gugiari-Peel
Programme Secretary: Kim Leaver
Member: Alan Kennard


    • Coleoptera – Dr Martin Luff (see his list of Devon beetles here)
    • Diptera – Dr Martin Drake
    • Hemiptera – Dr Keith Alexander
    • Hymenoptera – Stephen Carroll
    • Lepidoptera – Butterflies – Pete Hurst
    • Lepidoptera – Moths – Dr Barry Henwood
    • Odonata – David Smallshire
    • Orthoptera – Adrian Colston
    • Psocoptera – Dr Keith Alexander
    • Arachnida – Matt Prince


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