Tomorrow’s History

A project organised by the History Section.

Project objectives

  1. To document and archive historical events that DA members experience during the life of the project.
  2. To encourage members to join or become more involved with the History Section.

1. Events that members have experienced during past months, weeks and even today will tomorrow become history. These events are very likely to be of significance to future historians. It is important to the project that these events reflect members’ own interests and personal experiences. There are some broad topics which may be of interest, such as the impact in Devon of Brexit, climate change and housing development. The outbreak of Coronavirus will be another topic, but please look for less obvious subjects too. These are suggestions but the idea of the project is not to be prescriptive. The manner in which you collect information may vary. You may elect to take a series of photographs, collect local newspaper cuttings or simply write down your experiences. Possibly use more than one medium.

2. The second part of the project is aimed at encouraging members to become more involved with the History Section. The new online forums will enable you to share your thoughts and learn from each other. You may wish to collaborate with other members in producing a single subject. Once you get started it is possible you may wish to pursue an unexpected theme. That would be fine, please use this to start a non project related subject on the forum. You will need to make the information you supply to be archived clear and understandable. You do not need to be an expert.

Due to the ‘lock down’ it has not been possible to finalise certain details of the archiving process. However, we have produced a protocol (see below) which we hope you will try and follow. If you have questions please raise them on the online forum. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Derek Smithers
Chair, History Section
April 2020

Protocol for the Tomorrow’s History project

Decide if you wish to start your own subject of interest or follow an existing one.

Members wishing to initiate a subject should make a posting on the forum here (registration and log-in required).

  • The posting should have as a heading, “Tomorrow’s History” followed by the subject
  • The first posting should have a brief description related to the situation of interest as the text. (See example posting here (registration and log-in required).

By doing so you are inviting other members to join with you in a project.

If you wish to keep to your own research you will need to post this on the forum. By doing so this does not preclude other members following the same topic.

The objective will be to produce a document file, or files, containing information that members wish to be considered for archive purposes.

Construction of the document files does not need to be academically correct in every detail. However, it should be made understandable for use by future historians.

To save on memory it would be helpful it the document adhered to the following suggestions.

  • Document files should, ideally, have pictures or images which have been produced by means of a screenshot. The originals need to be kept.
  • The document needs to be saved as a pdf.

When the member feels their research is complete this needs to be stated as a post to the forum.

At a date agreed by the committee a posting will be made on the forum as to where the documents need to be sent.

Members wishing to contribute to an existing subject please follow the forum guidance instructions.

Derek Smithers

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