Bracken, Charles William


Published in DA Transactions, 1951.

Charles William Bracken, B.A., F.R.E.S., was born at Plymouth 30th June, 1868 and died 6th November, 1950. His long life was spent mainly at Plymouth, to which city he rendered much distinguished service.

He was educated at the Plymouth Public School (Jago’s school) and at St. Mark’s College, Chelsea, training for the scholastic profession. At the age of 40 he was appointed headmaster of Plymouth Corporation Grammar School, a post which he held for twenty years, retiring in 1929. On his retirement he devoted his leisure to furthering the cause of education and to the history of his native city and to entomological and other natural history subjects.

He published his well-known “History of Plymouth and her neighbours” in 1931; and when the British Medical Association visited the city in 1938 he was responsible for the historical side of “The Book of Plymouth”, published on that occasion. Many other papers, both historical and entomological, flowed from his pen.

He was an able speaker and devoted his talent to service as a lay-reader, as a broadcaster and as a lecturer for the Workers’ Educational Association and many other bodies.

With Mr. R. Hansford Worth he gave (from 1934) service of great distinction to the Devonshire Association in Plymouth. Amongst other offices he held that of President in 1940, and General Editor (1935—1937).

Papers published in DA’s Transactions

Year  Vol.Pages
1916C. W. BrackenThe Orthoptera of Devon48267-282
1917C. W. BrackenThe Diptera of Devon49341-362
1934C. W. BrackenThe Huguenot Churches of Plymouth and Stonehouse66163-179
1936C. W. BrackenDevonshire Oak Galls68381-394
1938C. W. BrackenThe Manor of Plympton Grange: A Court Roll and a Rental70231-251
1940C. W. BrackenDevon Entomologists and Entomology (Presidential Address)7223-61
1942C. W. BrackenThe Obsolete Plymouth Manors of Sutton Pyll, Radcliffe and Lulyetts Fee74211-236
1944C. W. BrackenThe Plymouth Grammar School [1561-1937]76141-166
1946C. W. BrackenPlymouth Chantries78247-258