Rose-Troup, Frances


Published in DA Transactions, 1942.

Mrs. Frances Batchelder Rose-Troup, F.R.Hist.S., was the daughter of Thomas and Isabella James, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 26th September 1859, and was brought up at Cambridge, Massachusetts. She came to England, and settled at Rockbeare with her mother about 1887. Her interest in Devon was immediate and lasting. Beginning with the photography of churches in the county, she went on to study the history of the West Country generally, and did not neglect the links between this region and the Early Settlers in New England.

In January 1889 she married John Rose Troup, who had recently returned from Central Africa, where he had been a member of H. M. Stanley’s expedition for the relief of Emir Pasha.

For the next fifteen years she lived at Rockbeare, Offwell and Ottery St. Mary; for a similar period, during which her husband died, she was absent from Devon; but returned about 1919. From about 1925 she devoted herself entirely to historical research, mainly in connexion with Exeter and Ottery St. Mary, and became a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Her books on these subjects are well-known to students, and her interest in them ceased only with her death.

Mrs. Rose-Troup joined the Devonshire Association in 1887, and at her death had had a longer membership than all other individuals but three.

Her first paper, on Sir Henry Rosewell, was printed in the Transactions for 1888, and she then joined the Council, retaining her seat for fifty-four years. Many others followed, and the last, with her Address, appears in this volume. She was elected President of the Association for 1942–43, being the second lady to occupy that office.

Her researches and publications did not always meet with the full approval of other workers in the same field, but they are nevertheless valuable in themselves, and they often suggest lines which others may follow with advantage.

Mrs. Rose-Troup’s health began to fail in 1941, to the great regret of her friends and colleagues. Turned out of her house in Exeter by the requirements of the military situation she made at least three removes before going to Newton St. Cyres, where she died 28th November, 1942. She leaves a son, Mr. John M. Rose-Troup.

At the Council meeting on the 18th December 1942, the Chairman referred to the loss the Association had suffered by reason of the President’s death, to her wide reading, and the great appreciation which the Association felt in regard to Mrs. Rose-Troup’s work.

Papers published in DA’s Transactions

1888Frances B. JamesSir Henry Rosewell, a Devon Worthy: His Ancestry and History [1590-1656]20113-122
1889Frances B. TroupThe Sainthills of Bradninch; being a Pedigree of the Family with Notes thereon, and Copies of Documents relating to the Family History21383-394
1889Frances B. TroupA Cavalier’s Notebook: continued by His Son with notes by the late Robert Dymond [Sainthill of Bradninch]21395-418
1891Frances B. TroupBiographical Notes on Dr. Matthew Sutcliffe, Dean of Exeter, 1588-162923171-196
1892Frances B. TroupEllis Veryard, of Plymtree, Physician and Author. A Devon Worthy. Born 1657. Died 171424458-469
1894Mrs Frances B. TroupRev. Matthew Mundy, i,ii,iii,iv. [Plymtree]26312-334
1897Mrs Frances B. TroupAn Exeter Worthy and his Biographer: Ignatius Jourdain [1561-1640]29350-377
1898Frances B. TroupHoniton in 153030117-126
1898Mrs Frances B. TroupA Forgotten Page of the Ecclesiastical History of Seaton30331-349
1899Mrs Frances B. TroupNicholas Monk, the King’s Messenger, and the Honest Clergyman [bn Potheridge c.1609; dd 1691]31305-325
1900Mrs Frances B. TroupBiographical Sketch of Rev. Christopher Jelinger, M.A. [seventeenth century Calvinist and scholar born in the Rhineland Palatinate, settled in Devon – Exeter, Kingsbridge]32249-270
1901Mrs Frances B. TroupNotes on the District Probate Registry at Exeter33510-516
1903Mrs Frances B. Rose-TroupBiography of John Bodley, Father of Sir Thomas Bodley35167-199
1903Mrs Frances B. Rose-TroupThe Pedigree of Sir Thomas Bodley35713-745
1905Mrs Rose-TroupThe Lady of the Isle: Isabella de Fortibus, Countess of Albemarle and Devon37206-245
1912Mrs Frances Rose-TroupThe Kalenders and the Exeter Trade-Gilds before the Reformation44406-430
1919Mrs Frances Rose-TroupThe Study of Place- and Field-Names51177-180
1928Frances Rose-TroupBishop Grandisson: Student and Art-Lover [1327-1369]60239-275
1929Frances Rose-TroupThe New Edgar Charter and the South Hams [includes map]61249-280
1930Frances Rose-TroupHolcombe by Dawlish62261-267
1931Mrs F. Rose-TroupThe Ancient Monastery of St. Mary and St. Peter at Exeter [680-1050]63179-220
1932Mrs F. Rose-TroupThe Hereditary Sheriffs of Devon64397-413
1933Mrs F. Rose-TroupDevon Charters and the Threefold Obligation65393-404
1934Mrs F. Rose-TroupMedieval Customs and Tenures in the Manor of Ottery St. Mary66211-233
1935Mrs F. Rose-TroupThe Honour of Harberton [near Totnes]67253-284
1936Frances Rose-TroupNewton St. Cyres and Norton [Saxon manors]68221-231
1937Frances Rose-TroupExeter Manumissions and Quittances of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries69417-445
1938Mrs F. Rose-TroupAn Anglo-Saxon Charter of Brentford (Brampford), Devon [Brampford Speke]70253-275
1939Mrs F. Rose-TroupThe Anglo-Saxon Charter of Ottery St. Mary71201-220
1942Mrs F. Rose-TroupLeofric, the First Bishop of Exeter (Presidential Address)7441-66
1942Mrs F. Rose-TroupCrediton Charters of the Tenth Century74237-261