Since 1863 the Association has published an annual volume of Transactions for which a complete list of contents is available. In addition, abstracts are available for each volume since 1999.

DA News

A lively magazine, DA News, is also published twice-yearly.


A considerable number of other publications have appeared from time to time.

Notes for prospective contributors

Members and non-members of the Association are invited to submit their own research on the geographical county of Devon for publication in print form or online.

Several options for publication are available:Front cover of The Devonshire Association's 150th volume of Transactions, 2018.

Report and Transactions

This is the Association’s flagship annual publication. Submissions for inclusion in the Report and Transactions must comply with the current Instructions for Authors. All prospective authors are reminded that The Devonshire Association operates a peer-review system and that all submissions received are likely to require editing and amendment before acceptance.

Contact the Honorary Editor at

DA News

This is the Association’s magazine which is published twice a year. Submissions for inclusion in DA News must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief and contributors are requested to contact the Editor-in-Chief before submitting an article. All submissions will be subject to editorial review.

Contact the Editor-in-Chief at

DA website

Anyone wishing to publish an article or database on the DA website should make contact with the Website Administrator in the first instance so that enquiries regarding the suitability of the material can be discussed and a plan of action/timescale agreed. All submissions will be subject to review before publication.

Contact the Website Administrator at


This is a web-based, moderated, platform where memories, anecdotes and observations about Devon and its people can be published. Questions about the county can be asked and members are encouraged to respond. Registration is required to make any postings.

Access the Forum here.

Other publications

Proposals for publications bearing the DA imprint should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief in the form of an Executive Summary describing the proposed title of the work, scope of the publication and its contribution to the field, likely page count, availability of financing, target audience and any other information deemed to be relevant. All proposals received will be discussed by the Executive Committee at the next available opportunity and those decisions will be communicated as soon as possible.

Informal enquiries should be addressed to the Executive Secretary via our Contact Us page.