DA News

DA News, The Devonshire Association's magazine. Spring 2018
DA News is a lively magazine published twice-yearly to keep members informed of what has been going on and of what is to come.
Regular features include:

  • Reports by the Association’s Chairman and Secretary on organisational developments (e.g. strategic initiatives; publicity campaigns; membership statistics; new Branches and Sections; major arrangements such as the annual President’s Symposium and the DA Conference & AGM.)
  • Informative accounts from the Branches and Sections of their recent activities, including talks, walks, excursions, symposia, concerts and research initiatives; and accounts by the Sections on the significance in their subject areas of the town in which the Annual Conference will be held
  • A book section with occasional special offers at reduced prices
  • A list of useful contacts (i.e. the addresses and telephone numbers of the DA News editor, the Registrar, Branch and Section secretaries)

Each magazine comes with a loose insert – the Devonshire Association Diary, which gives details of forthcoming events for several months ahead (see the Events page).

The Autumn 2018 issue of DA News will be the first to be published in full colour. More details will follow – watch this space.