DA News

DA News, The Devonshire Association's magazine. Spring 2018
DA News is a lively magazine published twice-yearly to keep members informed of what has been going on and of what is to come.
Regular features include:

  • Reports by the Association’s Chairman and Secretary on organisational developments (e.g. strategic initiatives; publicity campaigns; membership statistics; new Branches and Sections; major arrangements such as the annual President’s Symposium and the DA Conference & AGM.)
  • Informative accounts from the Branches and Sections of their recent activities, including talks, walks, excursions, symposia, concerts and research initiatives; and accounts by the Sections on the significance in their subject areas of the town in which the Annual Conference will be held
  • A book section with occasional special offers at reduced prices
  • A list of useful contacts (i.e. the addresses and telephone numbers of the DA News editor, the Registrar, Branch and Section secretaries)

Each magazine comes with a loose insert – the Devonshire Association Diary, which gives details of forthcoming events for several months ahead (see the Events page).