Other publications

During its history, the Association has published many works ranging from historical treatises to books on Devon flora and caravan holidays on Dartmoor. Some of these are still available for sale. Contact the Executive Secretary if you are interested in making a purchase.

We also have a small stock of items published by other organisations that are available for purchase – see the bottom of this page.



  • Keble Martin, W. & Fraser, G. T. (eds). 1939. The Flora of Devon: Phanerogams and higher Cryptogams. Buncle, T. & Co Ltd., Arbroath. (Promoted by The Devonshire Association.)
  • Stidston, S. T. 1951. The Flora of Devon I: Introduction and Macro-Lepidoptera
  • Parke, M. 1952. The Flora of Devon I ii: Marine Algae
  • Barnes, E. F. 1958. The Flora of Devon II ii: Mosses and Liverworts
  • Ivemy Cook, R. B. 1984. The Atlas of the Devon flora: Flowering Plants and Ferns. (Incorporating information collected by members of the Botanical Section.)
  • Smith, R., Hodgson, B., & Ison, J. 2016. A New Flora of Devon. ISBN 978-1-5272-0525-3. (The entire edition sold out shortly after publication. Details of the book and its launch event are here.) However, from March 2021 most of the book’s content is now available on this website, here.


  • Laver, M. 1994. Devon Dialect: A set of two tapes, with notes. Tape 1 (52 minutes) provides an introduction to dialect grammar; Tape 2 (60 minutes) gives an A-Z of vocabulary. Together they provide a lively and informed presentation of the basis and sound of the county’s native speech. The tapes are now unavailable, but please contact the Executive Secretary if you are interested.
  • Laver, M. 1997. Devon Voices. Originally a cassette tape; later available as a CD (54 minutes). The disk explores the changing nature of dialect as spoken in the county in the 1990s, using the recorded voices of Devon people. In his commentary Murray Laver explains what dialect is and illustrates the particular aspects of Devon dialect that make it unique. Contact the Executive Secretary if you are interested.
  • Dearson, G. 2022. The Devonshire Dialect Dictionary. Available exclusively to consult on this website. See here.

History (incl. major compilations)

  • Fry, E. A. 1908. Calendars of Devonshire Wills and Administrations [since destroyed] in the Probate Registry of the Bishop of Exeter (published in conjunction with the British Record Society, 1899-1914)
  • Chope, R. Pearse 1928. The Devonshire Domesday and Geld Inquest 1884-1892 (Vols I & II)
  • Chope, R. Pearse 1929. Frithelstock Priory
  • Reichel, O. 1942. The Hundreds of Devon (ed. Prideaux F. B.). Plus an Index covering all volumes:

    • Vol. I Tiverton
    • Vol. II Hemyock and Halberton
    • Vol. III South Molton and Roborough
    • Vol. IV Axminster and Axmouth
    • Vol. V Black Torrington

    • Vol. VI Plympton and Ermington
    • Vol. VII Colyton and Clyston
    • Vol. VIII Braunton, Shirwell and Fremington
    • Vol. IX North Molton and Molland
    • Vol. X Shebbear (ed. Rodgers, W. H.)

  • Russell, P. 1963. The Good Town of Totnes (reprinted with an introduction by Masson Phillips, E. N. 1984).
  • Parochial Histories. Of the 19 works, the first seven were published by the former Parochial History Section; the remainder were produced as off-prints of papers published in the Transactions:

    • Vol. I Okehampton (Young, E.H.)
    • Vol. II Holsworthy (Stanhope, E.)
    • Vols III & IV Kentisbeare & Blackborough (Chalk, E. S. – in one volume)
    • Vol. V Dartmouth, I – Pre-Reformation Records (Watkin, H.R.)
    • Vol. VI Hatherleigh (Manaton, J. V.)
    • Vol. VII Alphington (Harte, W. J.)
    • Vol. VIII Kingswear (Russell, P.)
    • Vol. IX Moretonhampstead (Hughes, G. W. G.)
    • Vol. X North Tawton (Fulford Williams, H. F.)

    • Vol. XI Ideford (Fulford Williams, H. F.)
    • Vol. XII Coffinswell (Keble Martin, W.)
    • Vol. XIII Lympstone (Scott, E.)
    • Vol. XIV Sampford Courtenay & Honeychurch (Fulford Williams, H. F.)
    • Vol. XV Broadhempston (Evans, H. R.)
    • Vol. XVI Satterleigh & Walkleigh (Andrews, J. H. B.)
    • Vol. XVII Woodland (Evans, H. R.)
    • Vol. XVIII Chittlehamholt (Andrews, J. H. B.)
    • Vol. XIX Chittlehampton (Andrews, J. H. B.)

  • Youings, J. A. (ed.) 1993. Sir John Bowring, 1792-1872: Aspects of his Life and Career. Devonshire Association, 111 pp. ISBN 0 85214 052 5. (Papers given at a conference to mark the bi-centenary of Bowring’s birth.)
  • Gray, T. (ed.) 1998. The Lost Chronicle of Barnstaple, 1586-1611. Devonshire Association, 118 pp. ISBN 0 85214 063 0.
  • Buller, A. T. & Allan, J. (Eds). 2022. The History of Exe Island, Exeter. The Devonshire Association, 37pp. ISBN 978-1-3999-1951-7.
    Copies are available for £5 + p&p.


  • Chope, R. Pearse 1928. Key to the Transactions (Vols I to LX)
  • Chope, R. Pearse 1929. Index to the Folk-Lore in the Transactions (Vols I to LX)
  • Morris, R. Burnett 1940. The Burnet Morris Index. This was prepared between 1914 and 1940 and contains over one million card records arranged in three sections relating to Devon Persons, Devon Places and Devon Subjects. It is held at the Devon Heritage Centre, Sowton, Exeter.
  • Fursdon A. A. 1952–69. General Indices to the Transactions 1862–1968. Comprising four volumes: Vols 1–60, 1862–1928; Vols 61–70, 1929–1938; Vols 71–80 1939–1948; Vols 81–100, 1949–1968.
    All four volumes are now available as a single 588 page file here. (38MB download)

Natural sciences

  • Simmons, I. G. (ed.) 1964. Dartmoor Essays. (Eight essays specially prepared for the Association and containing information gathered by workers in the field sciences.)
  • Boalch, G. T. (ed.) 1980. Essays on the Exe Estuary. The Devonshire Association, Special Vol. No. 2, The Devonshire Press Ltd, Torquay, 185 pp. (Eight papers given at a special symposium on the Exe Estuary dealing with aspects of its hydrography, geology and biology.)
  • Gale, A. W., et al. 1992. The Building Stones of Devon. (Prepared by the first author and members of the Geology Section, with advice from Scrivener, R. C. Describes in ten sections the stones quarried within the county for building purposes.)

PoetryLeaves An Anthology edited by Anne Born, published by The Devonshire Association

  • Born, A. (ed.) 1991. Leaves – an anthology. The Devonshire Association, 63 pp. ISBN 0 85214 049 5. (An anthology of poems by Devonshire Association members.)


  • Brown, D. & Brown, T. 1995. Family Holidays around Dartmoor: from the logbook of ‘the Loiterer’. Devonshire Association, 83 pp. ISBN 0 85214 053 3. (A facsimile edition of Dorothy Brown’s log of family holidays in their self-built caravan, illustrated in colour and black and white, with an introduction by Hugh Bodey.)

A-Level Personal Studies Series

  • Bodey, H. (ed.) 1991. Poor Relief in Devon. Devonshire Association, 38 pp. ISBN 0 85214 048 7. (A pair of personal studies by Wheeleker, S. on Abbotskerswell, and Eyles, S. on Totnes and Dudley.)
  • Bodey, H. (ed.) 1992. Reactions in Devon to Invasions. Devonshire Association, 94 pp. ISBN 0 85214 050 9. (Studies on the Roman occupation of Devon by Whitehead, R.; the Norman Conquest by Brazier, D.; and wartime evacuation to Torbay by Whitcher, J.)

Published by other organisations

  • Carpenter, A., Carpenter, J., & Jarram, T. 2007. The Lacemakers’ Story: Loughborough, Luddites and Long Journeys. Friends of Charnwood Museum, 32 pp. ISBN 978-0955626807. (Includes a sizeable section on the Tiverton lacemakers). Available for £5 from the Executive Secretary.