The Devonshire Association (DA) is a hub of historical, scientific, artistic and literary enquiry. Supreme among its achievements are the annual volumes of its Transactions, which contain in more than 150 volumes published since 1862 well over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers and a similar number of reports from the Sections.

  • See a list of titles of all papers published since 1862.
  • Abstracts are also available for each paper published since 1999.

The entire series covers an immense range of scholarly research relating to Devon and represents the greatest single repository of information about the county. It is recognized throughout the world as a valuable resource.

Submission of Papers

Anyone, whether a member of the DA or not, may submit a paper for publication. The only conditions are that the contribution deals with an appropriate Devon topic and that the manuscript is submitted according to the required format. All papers are peer-reviewed. See the Instructions for Authors.


1. Scanned copies of entire volumes 1862–1920

Scanned copies of the earlier volumes, almost in their entirety, are freely available from the Internet Archive website at*) By clicking on a volume in the list below, it can be viewed online or it can be downloaded by choosing the pdf file from the Download Options below the viewer.

(*) Four volumes are missing: IV 1870–1, VI 1873–4 (both available from Google Books); and XLI 1909 and L 1918 (which have not been found online so far).

Two volumes of the Devonshire Domesday and Geld Inquest are also listed.

Trans Dev Assoc I 1862–66Trans Dev Assoc XXVII 1895
Trans Dev Assoc II 1867–68Trans Dev Assoc XXVIII 1896
Trans Dev Assoc III 1869Trans Dev Assoc XXIX 1897
Trans Dev Assoc IV 1870–71 (Google)Trans Dev Assoc XXX 1898
Trans Dev Assoc V 1872Trans Dev Assoc XXXI 1899
Trans Dev Assoc VI 1873–74 (Google)Trans Dev Assoc XXXII 1900
Trans Dev Assoc VII 1875Trans Dev Assoc XXXIII 1901
Trans Dev Assoc VIII 1876Trans Dev Assoc XXXIV 1902
Trans Dev Assoc IX 1877Trans Dev Assoc XXXV 1903
Trans Dev Assoc X 1878Trans Dev Assoc XXXVI 1904
Trans Dev Assoc XI 1879Trans Dev Assoc XXXVII 1905
Trans Dev Assoc XII 1880Trans Dev Assoc XXXVIII 1906
Trans Dev Assoc XIII 1881Trans Dev Assoc XXXIX 1907
Trans Dev Assoc XIV 1882Trans Dev Assoc XL 1908
Trans Dev Assoc XV 1883[1909]
Trans Dev Assoc XVI 1884Trans Dev Assoc XLII 1910 (wrongly dated at IA)
Trans Dev Assoc XVII 1885Trans Dev Assoc XLIII 1911
Trans Dev Assoc XVIII 1886Trans Dev Assoc XLIV 1912
Trans Dev Assoc XIX 1887Trans Dev Assoc XLV 1913
Trans Dev Assoc XX 1888Trans Dev Assoc XLVI 1914
Trans Dev Assoc XXI 1889Trans Dev Assoc XLVII 1915
Trans Dev Assoc XXII 1890Trans Dev Assoc XLVIII 1916
Trans Dev Assoc XXIII 1891Trans Dev Assoc XLIX 1917
Trans Dev Assoc XXIV 1892[1918]
Trans Dev Assoc XXV 1893Trans Dev Assoc LI 1919
Trans Dev Assoc XXVI 1894Trans Dev Assoc LII 1920

The Devonshire Domesday and Geld Inquest Vol 1 (1884-92)The Devonshire Domesday and Geld Inquest Vol 2 (1884-92)

Please note that the DA was not responsible for scanning the volumes, some of which are incomplete, especially regarding illustrations.

2. Indices

The General Indices to the Transactions 1862–1968, compiled by A. A Fursdon and originally published as four volumes are now available as a single 588 page file here. (38MB download)

3. Paper copiesFront cover of The Devonshire Association's 150th volume of Transactions, 2018.

Full runs of our Transactions are held by various organisations, including:

4. Electronic copies

Copies of individual articles in pdf format can be supplied for a small fee on application to the Executive Secretary.

5. Re-publication and copyright

The copyright of papers published in our Report and Transactions has always remained with the author, since re-publication on the internet was never envisaged. If you, or someone for whom you now hold the copyright (a parent, for example) had any papers published in our Transactions and you are willing for the work to have a new life as research / educational material on this website, we would be very grateful if you would provide details to our Executive Secretary – contact details here.

The Contemporary content section of our Devon page contains links to the papers and other articles that we have so far been able to make available thanks to the kindness of the authors or their heirs.