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This page lists all of the 2,592 papers published in our Transactions from 1863 to date. Note that Section Reports and other material are not included.

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1863Sir John BowringGeneral Discourse Inaugurating the Devonshire Association (Presidential Address)1 pt 19-21
1863Dr Scott [W. R. Scott]Statistics of the Deaf and Dumb1 pt 122-28
1863W. PengellyThe Lignites & Clays of Bovey Tracey1 pt 129-39
1863Rev. J. Erskine RiskThe Relations to Literature of a Provincial Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and the Arts1 pt 139-41
1863[Chas] Spence BateBovisand Sand-Beds1 pt 142-44
1863W. S. M. D’UrbanOn the Ferns of South Africa and a comparison of them with the acrogenous plants of Great Britain and North America1 pt 145-48
1863W. PengellyOn the Age of Dartmoor Granites1 pt 148-54
1864C. Spence BateProgress and Growth in the Association and at Large (Presidential Address)1 pt 29-30
1864W. PengellyOn the Chronological Value of the New Red Sandstone System of Devonshire1 pt 231-43
1864Rev. J. Erskine RiskAbstract of some recent remarks on recent controversies respecting the Antiquity of the Human Race1 pt 244-50
1864J. Brooking RoweOn Some Recent Additions to the Fauna of Devon1 pt 251-52
1864Edward AppletonOur Homes1 pt 253-57
1864Edward ParfittMorphology in Primula Vulgaris Plena-Carnea1 pt 258-59
1864C. StewartOn the Structure and Cause of Colour in the Nacreous Layer of Shells1 pt 260-62
1864J. N. HearderImperfections in the Present Mode of Fitting Lightning Conductors1 pt 263-73
1864Dr Scott [W. R. Scott]On The Deaf and Dumb1 pt 274-84
1864E. VivianPresent Day Research (Presidential Address)1 pt 39-30
1864W. PengellyThe Introduction of Cavern Accumulations1 pt 331-41
1864W. PengellyThe Denudation of Rocks in Devonshire1 pt 342-59
1864Dr ScottOn the Fisheries of Devonshire1 pt 360-79
1864E. VivianThe Pile Dwellings in the Lakes of Switzerland1 pt 380-84
1864E. VivianThe Climate of Torquay and South Devon1 pt 385-90
1864W. S. M. D’UrbanOn the late Rev. Professor Henslow’s System of Teaching Botany1 pt 391-97
1864S. Bevan FoxThe Honey Bee1 pt 398-110
1864T. F. BarhamOn the Amount and Distribution of Sunshine [Highwick, Newton Abbot; Exeter]1 pt 3111-117
1864J. N. HearderOn a Mode of Preserving Iron Plating of Wooden Ships From the Corrosive Action of Sea Water1 pt 3118-122
1864C. Spence BateOn some Roman-British remains Found near Plymouth1pt 3123-133
1864E. ParfittOn the Transmutation of Uredo Rosae Into Aregma Macronatum [fungi]1 pt 3134-137
1864C. Spence BateOn a Cornish Kjökkenmödding [shell mound]1 pt 3138-139
1864C. Spence BateOn a Barrow in Constantine Bay1 pt 3140
1865Charles G. B. DaubenyContrasts With The Past (Presidential Address)1 pt 41-29
1865W. PengellyThe Submerged Forests of Torbay1 pt 430-42
1865W. VicaryOn the Feldspathic Traps of Devonshire1 pt 443-49
1865W. PengellyOn an Accumulation of Shells with Human Industrial remains found on a hill near the River Teign, Devonshire1 pt 450-56
1865W. CottonGold1 pt 457-61
1865E. AppletonThe Artistic Treatment of Devonshire Building Materials1 pt 462-67
1865Fred. MackenzieOn the Flora of the Neighbourhood of Tiverton1 pt 468-71
1865E. ParfittOn the Crystallisation of Feldspar in Granite1 pt 472-74
1865J. N. HearderSome Remarks on the Cost of the Light from Magnesium, as Compared with Other Sources of Illumination, with an Account of some New Inflammable and Explosive Compounds of Magnesium1 pt 475-77
1865J. N. HearderAn Account of some Experiments Made With the Electric Light1 pt 478-85
1865W. PengellyOn Cetacean remains Washed Ashore at Babbicombe [sic], South Devon1 pt 486-89
1865W. PengellyOn the Correlation of the Lignite Formation of Bovey Tracey, Devonshire, with the Hempstead Beds of the Isle of Wight1 pt 490-94
1865H. S. EllisOyster Breeding on the French System in the West of England1 pt 495-96
1865Rev. R. GwatkinOn Ancient Pile Dwellings1 pt 496
1866The Right Honourable Earl RussellScience, Literature and the Arts at Present Considered (Presidential Address)1 pt 51-12
1866Sir John BowringLanguage with Special Reference to the Devonian dialects1 pt 513-38
1866Thomas Foster BarhamOn the Principle of Rhythm, as applied to English Verse1 pt 539-44
1866John KellyCeltic Remains on Dartmoor1 pt 545-48
1866W. PengellyThe Triassic Outliers of Devonshire1 pt 549-59
1866E. VivianOn the Poor Laws; with the results of Union rating in Devon1 pt 560-65
1866Dr ScottPhotographic Portraiture1 pt 566-76
1866W. PengellyOn a Newly-discovered Submerged Forest in Bigbury Bay, South Devon1 pt 577-79
1866Henry S. EllisOn a Flint-find in a Submerged Forest of Barnstaple Bay, near Westward-Ho1 pt 580-81
1866W. PengellyOn the Lithodomous Perforations, above the sea-level, in the Limestone Rocks in South Eastern Devonshire1 pt 582-93
1866Dr ScottOn the Results of some Experiments made in Hybridizing certain varieties of Pear1 pt 594-96
1866E. ParfittFresh Water Polyzoa1 pt 597-102
1866W. PengellyRaised Beaches1 pt 5103-109
1866G. Wareing OrmerodOn the Traces of Tin Streaming in the Vicinity of Chagford1 pt 5110-115
1866James HineSt. Michael’s, Brent Tor1 pt 5116-121
1866E. AppletonArchaeological Notes of Tavistock and Neighbourhood1 pt 5122-127
1866C. Spence BateAn Attempt to Approximate the Date of the Flint Flakes of Devon and Cornwall1 pt 5128-136
1866J. N. HearderExperiments to Determine the rate of Magnetic Development in Iron, Whilst under the action of Electrical Currents1 pt 5137-142
1866Dr DaubenyOn the Dependence of the Amount of Ozone upon the Direction of the Wind1 pt 5143
1867W. PengellyThe Present Position of Opinion Respecting the Geology of Devonshire (Presidential Address)2 pt 11-37
1867J. R. ChanterNorth Devon Customs and Superstitions2 pt 138-42
1867W. PengellyThe Raised Beaches in Barnstaple Bay, North Devon2 pt 143-56
1867J. R. ChanterThe Early History and Aborigines of North Devon and the Site of the supposed Cimbric Town Artavia2 pt 157-69
1867Sir John BowringDevonian Folk-Lore Illustrated2 pt 170-85
1867E. VivianOn Prison Discipline2 pt 186-92
1867Townshend M. HallNotes on the Priory of Saint Mary, at Pilton2 pt 193-98
1867John Augustus ParryOn the Remains of Ancient Fortifications in the neighbourhood of Bideford2 pt 199-105
1867James JerwoodOn the Longitude of Places and on the application of the Electric Telegraph to determine it2 pt 1106-110
1867E. VivianOn St. John’s Church, Torquay, Struck by Lightning2 pt 1111-113
1867Charles JohnstonSt. Anne’s Chapel – The Grammar School, Barnstaple2 pt 1114-123
1867G. Wareing OrmerodNotes on the Carboniferous Beds adjoining the northern edge of the Granite of Dartmoor2 pt 1124-128
1867W. PengellyThe Antiquity of Man, in the South-West of England2 pt 1129-161
1867H. S. EllisOn some Mammalian Bones and Teeth found in the Submerged Forest at Northam2 pt 1162-163
1867W. PengellyOn the Deposits Occupying the Valley between the Braddons and Waldon Hills, Torquay2 pt 1164-169
1867W. PengellyThe Distribution of the Devonian Brachiopoda of Devonshire and Cornwall2 pt 1170-186
1867H. FowlerOn the Opening of an Ancient British Barrow at Huntshaw2 pt 1187-189
1867Dr KingdonThe Silver Mines of CombMartin (sic) [Combe Martin]2 pt 1190-199
1867E. VicaryOn the source of the Murchisonite Pebbles and Boulders in the Triassic Conglomerates of Devonshire2 pt 1200-202
1867Edward ParfittThe Annelids of Devon, with a resumé of the Natural History of the County2 pt 1203-208
1867Edward ParfittA Catalogue of the Annelids of Devonshire, with notes and observations2 pt 1209-246
1867W. PengellyNotes on the Meteoric Shower of November 1866; with Speculations suggested by it2 pt 1247-255
1867Edward ParfittOn the Parasitism of Orobanche Major2 pt 1256-262
1867W. PengellyOn the Floatation of Clouds, and the Fall of Rain2 pt 1263-266
1867Charles DaubenyOn the Temperature of the Ancient World2 pt 1267-278
1867Richard William CottonOn the Part Taken by North Devon in the Earliest English Enterprises for the Purpose of Colonizing America2 pt 1279-282
1867C. Spence BateOn a Cornish Kjökkenmödding2 pt 1283-284
1868J. D. ColeridgeInterdependence of Science, Literature and Art (Presidential Address)2 pt 2285-302
1868Dr ScottOn the Salmonidae of Devon2 pt 2312-326
1868George NeumannPassage of the Mount Cenis2 pt 2327-331
1868Townshend M. HallOn the Mineral Localities of Devonshire2 pt 2332-346
1868J. Erskine RiskThe Science of History2 pt 2347-356
1868E. VivianThe Evidences of Glacial Action in South Devon2 pt 2357-360
1868E. VivianOn Vagrancy2 pt 2361-363
1868Wentworth W. BullerOn Predictive Meteorology2pt 2364-371
1868Peter Orlando HutchinsonHill Fortresses, Sling-Stones, and other Antiquities in South-eastern Devon2 pt 2372-382
1868G. Wareing OrmerodOn the Pseudomorphous Crystals of Chloride of Sodium, and their occurrence in Devonshire2 pt 2383-385
1868Basil Henry CooperThe Antiquity of the use of the Metals and especially of Iron, among the Egyptians2 pt 2386-406
1868W. PengellyOn the Condition of some of the Bones Found in Kent’s Cavern, Near Torquay, Devonshire2 pt 2407-414
1868W. PengellyThe Submerged Forest and the Pebble Ridge of Barnstaple Bay2 pt 2415-422
1868W. PengellyThe History of the Discovery of Fossil Fish in the Devonian Rocks of Devon and Cornwall2 pt 2423-442
1868Edward ParfittOn the Marine and Fresh Water Sponges of Devonshire2 pt 2443-462
1868James JerwoodOn the Game of Chess2 pt 2462-468
1868W. PengellyThe Literature of Kent’s Cavern, Torquay, prior to 18592 pt 2469-522
1868Dr Aexander V. W. BikkersThe Philosophy of Verbal Monopoly2 pt 2523-531
1868Sir John BowringMoral and Pecuniary Results of Prison Labour2 pt 2531-549
1868W. R. HodgsonWhat is Capital?2 pt 2550-559
1868W. PengellyThe Rainfall in Devonshire During 1866 and 18672 pt 2560-577
1868James JerwoodOn the Application of the Calculus of Probabilities to Legal and Judicial Subjects2 pt 2578-598
1868Edward AppletonSanitary Notes. Sewer Ventilation2 pt 2599-609
1868Rev. R. KirwanNotes on the Blights of Corn, with Suggestions for their Extermination2 pt 2610-619
1868Rev. R. KirwanMemoir of the Examination of Three Barrows at Broad Down, Farway, near Honiton2 pt 2619-649
1869G. P. BidderRivers (Presidential Address)317-36
1869Edward ParfittOn Spontaneous Generation; or, the Origin of Life342-59
1869Edward ParfittOn the Protozoa of Devonshire360-64
1869Edward ParfittA Catalogue of the Protozoa of Devonshire365-74
1869Townshend HallOn the Mineral Localities of Devonshire. Part II375-78
1869G. Wareing OrmerodNotice of Molars of Hippopotamus Major stated to have been found in Kent’s Cavern, Torquay379-80
1869G. Wareing OrmerodNotice of the Occurrence of Scapolite at Chagford, Devon380
1869Sir J. BowringStatistics Social and Scientific381-105
1869J. PhillipsFeasibility and Advisability of holding Industrial and Art Exhibitions at the Annual Meetings of this Association3106-112
1869W. PengellyThe Rainfall on the St. Mary Church Road, Torquay, during the five years ending December 31st 18683113-126
1869W. PengellyOn the Submerged Forest at Blackpool, Near Dartmouth, South Devon3127-129
1869Dr NewmanOn the Antiquity of Dartmouth3130-134
1869James JerwoodStrictures on Microscopic Philosophizing3135-142
1869P. O. HutchinsonFossil Elephant’s Tooth3143
1869Richard EdmondsOn Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea Not Produced by Winds or Tides; with a Refutation of the new Theory thereon3144-152
1869W. PengellyThe Rainfall in Devonshire during 18683153-165
1869James JerwoodOn the Application of Weight to test the Figure of the Earth3166-178
1869E. VivianOn Science and Art as a Branch of National Education3179-190
1869W. PengellyThe Literature of Kent’s Cavern. Part II. Including the whole of the Rev. J. MacEnery’s Manuscript3191-482
1869W. PengellyOn the alleged occurrence of Hippopotamus Major and Machairodus Latidens in Kent’s Cavern, Torquay3483-494
1869Rev. R. KirwanNotes on the Pre-historic Archaeology of East Devon. Part II.3495-500
1869Rev. J. Erskine RiskThe Limits of Philosophical Enquiry3501-516
1869Rev. R. KirwanOn the Origin and Appropriation of Stonehenge3517-524



1870J. A. FroudeThe Conditions of Historical Study (Presidential Address)4 pt 117-39
1870W. PengellyThe Rainfall on St. Mary Church Road, Torquay, during the six years ending with December 31st, 18694 pt 142-58
1870W. PengellyThe Rainfall in Devonshire in 1869, and in the four years ending with December 31st, 18694 pt 159-72
1870W. PengellyThe Ash Hole and Bench Bone-Caverns, at Brixham, South Devon4 pt 173-80
1870W. PengellyThe Literature of the Caverns near Yealmpton, South Devon4 pt 181-105
1870W. PengellyNotes on Vessels made of Bovey Lignite and Kimmeridge Coal4 pt 1105-108
1870W. PengellyOn the Rainfall Received at the same station by Gauges at different heights above ground4 pt 1109-132
1870Townshend M. HallThe Abnormal Structure of Ferns4 pt 1133-135
1870P. F. S. AmeryStones Found at Swincombe (Dartmoor), probably connected with ancient mining there4 pt 1136-137
1870Edward ParfittFossil Sponge Spicules in the Green Sand of Haldon and Blackdown4 pt 1138-144
1870Rev. T. R. R. StebbingInstinct and Reason4 pt 1145-156
1870R. W. WoollcombeRemarks on the probable inapplicability of the Rifle Principle for Vertical or Mortar Fire, and a Suggestion of another method4 pt 1157-160
1870Edward ParfittCrustacea Podothalmata, and the Histology of their Shells4 pt 1161-180
1870Edward ParfittA Catalogue of the Crustacea Podothalmata of Devonshire4 pt 1181-194
1870W. PengellyThe Modern and Ancient Beaches of Portland4 pt 1195-205
1870J. N. HearderOn the Fulgurator; a new Apparatus for producing electric sparks of very great length4 pt 1206-212
1870J. N. HearderThe Degeneration of our Sea Fisheries4 pt 1213-237
1870John PhillipsAnnual Industrial Exhibitions in Devonshire4 pt 1238-243
1870Sir John BowringThe Life and Writings of Josephus Iscanus, the Swan of Isca [twelfth century]4 pt 1244-256
1870W. PengellyThe Supposed Influence of the Moon on the Rainfall4 pt 1257-290
1870E. TawneyOn the Occurrence of Fossils at Smugglers’ Cove, Torquay4 pt 1291-294
1870Rev. R. Kirwan [Rector of Gittisham]Notes on the Pre-Historic Archaeology of East Devon. Part III4 pt 1295-304
1870Rev. B. H. CooperOn the ‘One-Eyed’ Arimaspians4 pt 1305-320
1870Frederick RowPrison Discipline with especial reference to the Devonport Gaol4 pt 1321-329
1870William WhitakerList of Works on the Geology, Mineralogy and Palaeontology of Devonshire4 pt 1330-352
1871Rev. Canon KingsleyReview of ‘Nature’ (Presidential Address)4 pt 2377-395
1871J. A. ParryA Brief Sketch of the Early History of Bideford4 pt 2400-408
1871G. Wareing OrmerodThe Fall and Restoration of the Cromlech at Drewsteignton, in the County of Devon, 18624 pt 2409-411
1871A. H. A. HamiltonNotes on the Population of Devonshire4 pt 2412-417
1871Richard EdmondsOn the Name Britain and the Phoenicians4 pt 2418-422
1871G. Wareing OrmerodNotice of the Firing at the Battle between the Alabama and Kersage, off Cherbourg, June 19th 1864, being heard in Devon4 pt 2423-424
1871Captain CharlewoodEuphrates Valley Railway4 pt 2425-430
1871N. WhitleyThe Rainfall on the Low Lands of the Estuary of the Taw4 pt 2431-432
1871Townshend M. HallOn Certain Instances of Concentric Lamination Observed Amongst the Pebbles on Northam Ridge4 pt 2433-437
1871J. S. AmeryIs the Cavern at Pridhamsleigh, near Ashburton, worth exploring?4 pt 2438-440
1871W. PengellyWas Britain the Island of the Hyperboreans mentioned by Diodorus Siculus, in a passage supposed to be quoted from Hecataeus?4 pt 2441-454
1871P. O. HutchinsonOn a Second Fossil Tooth found at Sidmouth4 pt 2455
1871Edward ParfittOn the Boring of Molluscs, Annelids, and Sponges into Rock, Wood and Shells4 pt 2456-466
1871W. PengellyThe Literature of Kent’s Cavern. Part III4 pt 2467-490
1871C. Spence BateOn the Prehistoric Antiquities of Dartmoor4 pt 2491-516
1871C. Spence BateOn the Clitter of the Tors of Dartmoor4 pt 2517-519
1871C. Spence BateA Contribution towards determining the Etymology of Dartmoor Names4 pt 2520-535
1871W. PengellyNotes on the Existence of Pre-Cretaceous Sponges4 pt 2536-539
1871Edward ParfittThe Fauna of Devon. Part VII. Crustacea – sub-class Cirrepedia4 pt 2540-552
1871J. R. ChanterA History of Lundy Island4 pt 2553-611
1871Townshend M. HallNotes on the Geology and Mineralogy of the Island of Lundy4 pt 2612-624
1871W. PengellyFurther Considerations on the Influence of the Moon on the Rainfall4 pt 2625-640
1871Rev. R. KirwanNotes on the Pre-historic Archaeology of East Devon. Part IV4 pt 2641-653
1871W. PengellyThe Rainfall in Devonshire in 1870, and in the five years ending with December 31st, 18704 pt 2654-670
1871W. PengellyThe Rainfall on the St. Mary Church Road, Torquay during the seven years ending with December 31st, 18704 pt 2671-694
1872The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of ExeterScientific Spirit and our debt to it (Presidential Address)517-29
1872P. O. HutchinsonFossil Teeth at Sidmouth539-40
1872G. Wareing OrmerodWhat is Grimspound?541-46
1872P. O. HutchinsonIron Pits547-50
1872E. VivianOn Astigmatism and Colour Blindness551-56
1872E. ParfittSome Notes on that part of Mr Chanter’s Paper relating to the Insect Fauna of Lundy Island557-61
1872R. N. WorthNotes on the Rocks in the Neighbourhood of Plymouth562-68
1872Townshend M. HallRecords of Tide, Rain, and Wind, during the Carboniferous Period in North Devon569-72
1872G. Wareing OrmerodNotice of Pre-historic Remains formerly existing near Drewsteignton Cromlech, observed by the Rev. R. Polwhele prior to 1793, and mapped by the Rev. William Grey in 1838573-74
1872George PycroftIs there Evidence of Glacial Action in the Valleys of Dawlish and Ashcombe, South Devon?575-81
1872P. O. HutchinsonBronze Celt found near Sidmouth582-83
1872J. M. MartinExmouth Warren and its threatened destruction584-89
1872Sir John BowringAncient Exeter and its Trade590-106
1872J. N. HearderOn the Progress of Electro-Therapeutics; with a description of Galvanic instruments invented by the author5107-116
1872W. CottonSome Account of the Ancient Guilds of the City of Exeter5117-138
1872W. PengellyThe Rainfall on the St. Mary Church Road, Torquay, during the eight years ending with December 31 18715139-161
1872W. PengellyNote on an Experiment to Predict Annual Rainfall5162-164
1872W. PengellyNotes on the Machairodus Latidens Found, by Rev. J. MacHenery, in Kent’s Cavern, Torquay5165-179
1872W. Pengelly‘Is it a Fact?’5180-215
1872H. S. GillDevonshire Tokens of the Seventeenth Century5216-243
1872E. VivianOn Rainfall as affected by the Height of Gauges above the Ground5243-245
1872E. VivianVital Statistics from the Experience of the United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution5246-248
1872W. PengellyThe Literature of the Oreston Caverns, near Plymouth5249-316
1872H. S. GillA few remarks on an Ancient British Coin Found on Northernhay, Exeter5317-318
1872Sir John BowringOn Fables and Fabulists in Connection with John Gay5319-329
1872Sir John BowringSir Thomas Bodley5330-343
1872Rev. R. KirwanOn Aurora Borealis5344-351
1872E. ParfittThe Fauna of Devon. Part VIII. Echinodermata5352-370
1872W. PengellyThe Rainfall in Devonshire in 1871, and in the six years ending with December 31st, 18715371-391
1872J. Ingleby MacKenzieSeven Years’ Meteorology of Sidmouth, 1865-18715392-403
1872William WhitakerSupplementary List of Works on the Geology, Mineralogy, and Palaeontology of Devonshire5404-415
1872W. PengellyThe Signs of the Hotels, Taverns, Inns, Wine-and-Spirit-Vaults, and Beershops in Devonshire5416-509
1872C. Spence BateOn the Original Map of the Royal Forest of Dartmoor, Illustrating the Perambulation of Henry III, 1240 [includes a version ‘traced’ from the original]5510-548
1872C. Spence BateResearches into some Ancient Tumuli on Dartmoor [includes Hammeldon Down and the illustration of the bronze dagger and the amber pommel, the latter in colour]5549-557
1873Rt Hon. S. CaveThree Great Pursuits: Science, Literature and Art (Presidential Address)6 pt 117-27
1873W. PengellyThe Ossiferous Caverns and fissures in the neighbourhood of Chudleigh, Devonshire6 pt 146-60
1873W. PengellyThe Literature of the Cavern at Anstey’s Cove, near Torquay, Devonshire6 pt 161-69
1873W. PengellyThe Literature of the Caverns at Buckfastleigh, Devonshire6 pt 170-72
1873The Rev. Treasurer J. M. HawkerSketch of B. R. Haydon6 pt 173-77
1873R. N. WorthThe Common Seals of Devon6 pt 178-100
1873J. Brooking RoweDevonshire Gilds. Plymouth and Totnes6 pt 1101-106
1873Edward ParfittAnnelids versus Rain-Drops; or, remarks on Mr Hall’s paper on fossil rain-drops6 pt 1107-110
1873J. Ingleby MacKenzieMeteorology of Sidmouth in 18726 pt 1111-116
1873W. PengellyThe Rainfall on the St. Mary Church Road, Torquay, during the nine years ending with December 31st, 18726 pt 1117-138
1873W. PengellyThe Rainfall in Devonshire in 1872, and in the seven years ending with December 31st, 18726 pt 1139-158
1873H. S. GillOn Devonshire Tokens. Part II6 pt 1159-172
1873J. R. ChanterDevonshire Lanes with some notes on the highways and byeways of north Devon in the olden time6 pt 1173-196
1873A. R. HuntOn some Gold Coins found at Blackpool, near Dartmouth, in 18696 pt 1197-199
1873W. H. GamlenThe Toad-Stone6 pt 1200-202
1873John S. AmeryNotice of supposed Acoustic Jars found in the Parish Church of St. Andrew, at Ashburton6 pt 1203-205
1873Rev. Treasurer J. M. HawkerOn Domestic Servitude in Devonshire a century ago, as shown by an appeal for higher wages6 pt 1206-210
1873W. PengellyThe Granite Boulder on the shore of Barnstaple Bay, North Devon6 pt 1211-222
1873H. G. J. ClementsLocal Vestiges of Sir Walter Raleigh6 pt 1223-231
1873P. O. HutchinsonSubmerged Forest and Mammoth Teeth at Sidmouth6 pt 1232-235
1873E. ParfittThe Fauna of Devon. Part IX. Sessile-Eyed Crustaceae6 pt 1236-260
1873P. F. S. AmerySome hitherto unrecorded Hill Fortresses near Ashburton6 pt 1261-265
1873W. PengellyRelics of the Past Observed at Torquay, Devonshire6 pt 1266-269
1873J. Brooking RoweOn the Occurrence of Calosoma Sychophanta in Devonshire6 pt 1270-271
1873C. Spence BateResearches into some ancient Tumuli on Dartmoor6 pt 1272-275
1873Robert DiamondSir George Carey of Cockington; a Devonshire Worthy of the Elizabethan Era6 pt 1276-292
1873W. PengellyThe Cave-Man of Mentone6 pt 1293-330
1874The Right Honble. The Earl of Devon(Presidential Address)6 pt 2364-369
1874W. C. LakeSketch of the History of Teignmouth6 pt 2373-386
1874G. Wareing OrmerodWayside Crosses in the District bordering the East of Dartmoor6 pt 2387-399
1874John Edward LeeNotes on Trappean Rocks6 pt 2400-411
1874Rev. Treasurer J. M. HawkerA Sketch of Bishopsteignton6 pt 2412-416
1874W. C. LakeMeteorology of Teignmouth, 1854 to 18606 pt 2417-424
1874W. PengellyThe Rainfall on the St. Mary Church Road, Torquay, during the ten years ending with December 31st, 18736 pt 2425-446
1874W. PengellyThe Rainfall in Devonshire in 1872, and in the eight years ending with December 31st, 18736 pt 2447-465
1874J. Ingleby-MacKenzieSummary of the Meteorology of Sidmouth in 18736 pt 2466-468
1874E. VivianOn Self-Registering Meteorological Instruments6 pt 2469-474
1874Edward AppletonSanitary Arrangements for Villages and Small Places6 pt 2475-480
1874Rev. J. Erskine RiskOn Early Christian Art6 pt 2481-495
1874Edward AppletonArchitectural Notes of Torre Abbey, Torquay, 18746 pt 2496-500
1874J. R. ChanterThe Early Poetry of Devonshire: with a calendar of Devonian Poets, and notices of obscure and forgotten versifiers, from the eleventh to the seventeenth century6 pt 2501-546
1874Townshend M. HallNotes on the Occurrence of Mineral Oil in Shale at Barnstaple6 pt 2547
1874A. ChampernowneOn a Contortion of the Limestone of Torquay and the presence of Calceola Sandalina at its base6 pt 2548-551
1874Rev. Treasurer J. M. HawkerWorkhouse Children and their treatment, as illustrated by a large union in Devonshire [Newton Abbot Union]6 pt 2552-559
1874W. PengellyNotes on Dr Riviere’s Discovery of Three New Human Skeletons in the Mentone Caverns, in 1873-46 pt 2560-566
1874E. ParfittThe Fauna of Devon. Part X. Conchology6 pt 2567-640
1874Captain George PeacockFibre from the Malva Lavatera Arborea, or Tree-Mallow6 pt 2641-645
1874W. PengellyNotes on Recent Notices of the Geology and Palaeontology of Devonshire6 pt 2646-685
1874R. N. WorthThe Common Seals of Devon. Part II [Exeter, Plymouth, Tiverton]6 pt 2686-688
1874P. VarwellWinds and Storms6 pt 2689-696
1874W. B. ScottSalmon Passes6 pt 2697-702
1874R. N. WorthNotes on the Limestone of Yealmpton and its Associated Rocks6 pt 2703-706
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