Report and Transactions 2018 – an overview

Front cover of The Devonshire Association's 150th volume of Transactions, 2018.

Cover of volume 150 (2018)

Volume 150 of the Devonshire Association’s annual Report and Transactions was published in December 2018. It features a new cover design that coordinates with our DA News magazine and this website, and at 632 pages it is the most substantial we have published since our mammoth 721-page centenary issue (volume 94) of 1962.

For those unfamiliar with our major annual publication, here’s an overview of this year’s volume.

After 34 pages of preliminary material that includes the reports of the Executive Committee, the Association’s finances, and this year’s annual conference held in Dartmouth, the next 430 pages are devoted to thirteen papers covering a wide range of topics. These are headed by the Presidential Address given by Dame Suzie Leather. All the papers are related to Devon and an abstract for each is available here. Appropriate to the 150th volume, several of the papers refer back to the earlier contents of Transactions.

The next 140 pages feature the annual Section reports from our eight Sections: Botany, Buildings, Entomology, Geology, History, Industrial Archaeology, Literature & Art, and Music.

The 2017 volume for comparison

These reports relate to the previous year (2017) and are a mixture of narratives about the talks, lectures, field trips, and excursions that were enjoyed by the Section members, and reports on the research they have undertaken. The Botany and Entomology Sections continue their long series of annual recorders’ reports (110th report on Botany, and 70th on Entomology). As a collection, these form an invaluable record of changes in species found in the county.

Also included is the 8th report on Dialect and Folklore, which combines the 115th report on Dialect and the 109th on Folklore. Dialect words discussed include droke, goyle, frig, drewzens, and giggary.

As usual, the volume contains relevant book reviews. There are three this year:

  • Stephen Banfield (2018) Music in the West Country: Social and Cultural History across an English Region
  • Martin Graebe (2017) As I Walked Out. Sabine Baring-Gould and the Search for the Folk Songs of Devon and Cornwall
  • Robert Waterhouse (2017) The Tavistock Canal – Its History and Archaeology

We have an obituary of Chris Cornford, our President in 2014–15 who died far too soon, in 2017 aged 69.

Tucked away on page 588 below the details of the various subscriptions we offer is the news that copies of the current Report and Transactions can be purchased by non-members for £30. Contact the Registrar if you would like to buy a copy. We also have a small stock of back copies for the last twenty years that are available for purchase.

We should mention the existence of an erratum to one of Bob Ashford’s papers published in last year’s volume: ‘Thomas Gill and the Industrial Development of Plymouth in the Nineteenth Century’.

The volume is completed by the index that is carefully constructed by hand every year by Professor Malcolm Hart, the diligent editor of our Report and Transactions.