Reusing images from this website

The images (including graphics and photos) on this website fall into three categories:

  1. Ten of the members of the Executive Committee of the DA outside the DA's office June 2017

    The Executive Committee 2017. Photo: Tony Buller

    Most of the images are the original work of members of the Association. The creator will either be credited in the caption or at the end of the text of the page. Unless otherwise specified, these images are licensed under the CC-BY-NC-ND Creative Commons licence, which means that they can be reused for non-commercial purposes as long as their creator is credited, but they cannot be changed in any way. See the legal licence for full details.

    Anyone wanting higher-resolution copies or a less restrictive licence for any of these images should contact the Executive Secretary giving full details of the proposed use. Requests will be dealt with on a case-by case basis.

  2. Manor House Hotel

    Some of the images, especially in the Devon section, are live-linked from Wikimedia Commons. These have a small icon in the caption and are further identified at the end of the text on the page on which they are used. The creator and the conditions for reuse that they have set are listed on the Commons page that can be accessed by clicking on the image. They will have been released either as public domain or under one of the Creative Commons licences, but it is important to check the exact conditions before considering their re-use.

    Note that we have no say over the reuse of these images, and also note that when you click on the image you will be taken to a page on the Wikimedia Commons site – use the back button to return to us. 

  3. Some images have been copied here from other sources. In this case the original source will be credited in the caption, and it is important to check the licence before re-using them.

    Note that we have no say over the reuse of these images.


If you require details of any images on this site that don’t appear to be covered by the above, please contact the website administrator at

The Devonshire Association takes copyright seriously. We do not knowingly use any images that do not have compatible licences, or without the copyright owner’s written permission. If we have inadvertently used any image without permission, we will speedily remove it on notice.

The photo of Manor House Hotel is from Wikimedia Commons – click on it for details