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Resolution for AGM 1 June 2019

The Devonshire Association Annual General Meeting 1 June 2019 Rule 61 requires that a rule may be changed only by the approval of a two-thirds majority of Members present at a General Meeting. Under...

AGM 2019 (Axe Valley Branch)

Branch AGM followed at 2:30 pm by an illustrated talk “The Great Bindon Landslide; new mapping and modelling that may explain how it happened” given by Richard Edmonds*. The Bindon Landslide of 1839 which...

AGM 2019 (Music Section)

The AGM takes place before the Romany family’s culture event arranged by the Section at the same venue at 8 pm.

AGM 2019 (IA Section)

The Industrial Archaeology Section’s AGM 2019. Meet at 10 am for coffee. At 10:30, Rick Stewart FSA, mining historian, will talk on Miner’s Health and Welfare in the Tamar Valley. This will be followed...

AGM 2019 (E Devon Branch)

The Branch AGM will be followed by a talk “The Aclands of Killerton – their remarkable history told through their heraldry” by Keith Orrell.

AGM 2019 (Botany Section) HAS BEEN POSTPONED

Please note that this event has been postponed due to the snow. Will advise revised date when known. The Botany Section AGM will be held at Halberton Village Hall, near Tiverton. The AGM will...

AGM 2019 (History Section)

The Section’s AGM will be followed by a short presentation entitled 10,000 years of Growth in Devon. Or how Devon has evolved over time given by Derek Smithers, Section chairman.

AGM 2019 (Entomology Section)

The AGM will be followed by ‘Moths to the flame – eyes, light, decline’, an illustrated talk by Dr Adrian Spalding on how light affects our nocturnal Lepidoptera.

AGM 2019 (Geology Section)

AGM followed by a joint meeting with the Torquay Museum Society at 11.30am. A talk  ‘Jurassic calamari: new research on fossil squid-like cephalopods from the Wessex basin – the legacy of Mary Anning, Henry...

AGM 2019 (S Devon Branch)

South Devon Branch AGM, followed by a quiz (test your knowledge of Devon’s landmarks!), a short raffle, and a tea.