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The Icelandic Adventures of Pike Ward (History Section)

A talk by Katherine Findlay. Pike Ward was a Teignmouth fish merchant who at the turn of the last century instigated such trade with Iceland that he became a hugely important figure in that country’s...

Just gone fishing in Newfoundland (E Devon Branch)

A talk “Just gone fishing in Newfoundland; an overview of the cod trade between Devon and Newfoundland, 1500 onwards” by Dr Jenny Moon as part of The Devon Newfoundland Story celebration.

An old photo of some fishermen and salted cod

The Devon–Newfoundland Story, April 2017

The Devon–Newfoundland Story celebrated historical and cultural connections. Organised by the Devonshire Association working with the Devon Family History Society, it marked nearly 500 years of contact and interaction between the two communities. Devon...