The DA Online (Autumn 2018)

(Based on an item published in DA News, Autumn 2018)

We introduced our new website in last autumn’s DA News, so here’s the first annual update. Last time I explained about about the new events system, the Devon section and the pages dedicated to our groups (Branches and Sections). Events and the Devon content are proving very popular, each attracting about a third of the total recorded page views (over 35,000 by late July).

Members of the Devonshire Association at Sharpham Vineyard

Anticipating the tour round Sharpham Vineyard (part of the Dartmouth Conference)

The website already has over 230 pages describing the events that have been organised by our groups. Their committees continue to produce regular reports of their activities, and some are going much further. See links to each group’s page, here.

We also have pages for each of our major events. There is a comprehensive report on our latest conference held in Dartmouth in June, so if you have not yet attended one of our annual conferences, look it up to see what you’ve been missing!

Transactions, abstracts, and copyright

Our website has always carried a list of all the papers that have been published in our Transactions – these now number over 2,500. To supplement this list we have abstracts for the 220 papers published since 1999, and we are adding transcripts of papers too: there are now about 60 available, selected to cover a wide range of topics. Links to all this are here.

As already reported, our long-term aim is to make the contents of all but the very latest volumes of Transactions available via the website for educational purposes. However, copyright issues are a problem: the copyright of a paper remains with the author since republication on this scale was never envisaged.

If you, or someone for whom you now hold the copyright (a parent, for example) ever had any papers published in DA’s Transactions and you are willing for them to have a new life on the website, we would be very grateful if you would let Bridget, our Registrar, know.

New sections of the website

DA Photographic Archive

The mystery photo

In our growing photographic archive Dr Helen Wilson discovered a group photo that was almost certainly taken at an Annual Conference – the problem is we don’t know which one (probably in the 1920s or 1930s). If you can help identify the year (from the people or the dress-styles, perhaps), you can either comment on the webpage or contact one of us. [See here for an update.]


This recently-added section celebrates the people who have made significant contributions to the work of the DA. It is still being expanded, but so far it has profiles (mainly obituaries) on thirty notable people. Access it here.

Social media

Just a reminder that we have several Twitter feeds. On @devonassoc we mainly post notices of upcoming events; while Bridget, on @DA_Registrar posts and retweets a daily eclectic mix of Devon-related items. @DABuildings and @DABotany also regularly post about their relevant topics. We also make occasional postings to Facebook.

Social media is not all bad!

John Maltby
DA website administrator