Videos of talks available

In response to requests from members, we have recorded many of the recent Zoom talks given to the Association’s Branches and Sections and these are listed in the table below.

The links in the Title column are to the original event page, where more information about the talk is available. The table is initially sorted with the most recent talk at the top, but you can click on any header field to sort by that field.

Access to the videos is restricted to DA members only.  All you need to do is send an email request to our Honorary Secretary who will check your eligibility and send a link for the video selected. Many of the talks included a Question and Answer session and a link to an audio file of this will also be included where available.

It will help ensure that you receive the correct talk if you quote the Code that appears in the last column.


As of 15 September 2021 we have over fifty videos available:


Eileen Hendriks, the Rock LadyBennett, Dr JennyGeology Section2021-09-18SGE07
Ethics in media medicine - working on the Blue Planet series and Global HealthObolensky, Dr LucyTavistock and West Devon Branch2021-09-17BTA06
What a load of rubbish - the history and industrial archaeology of solids waste managementDaniel, PeterIndustrial Archaeology Section2021-09-14SIA09
The Devonshire Association's Presidential Address: Design, Denial, Darwin and Devon; Some Victorian Devonian reactions to scientific discoveryWootton, Dr RobinThe Devonshire Association AGM2021-09-04DAP01
The Serge Trade in DevonMaunder, PeterIndustrial Archaeology Section2021-07-22SIA08
Mary Anning, the Fossil WomanSharpe, TomGeology Section2021-07-03SGE06
Islam and the Work of the Exeter Mosque and the Muslim Community of DevonAhmed, Imam Kawsar & Hindess, YousufBideford Branch2021-06-25BBI04
Challenges Facing Heritage RailOates, SteveIndustrial Archaeology Section2021-06-22SIA07
Quarternary Glaciation in the Mediterranean MountainsHughes, Prof. PhilGeology Section2021-06-19SGE05
Transhumance and Smart Longhouses on DartmoorThorp, JohnBuildings Section2021-06-17SBU04
What really is Devon's housing need?Mills, Penny & Bratby, Dr PhillipSouth Devon Branch2021-06-10BSD03
A Devon JazzmanMilverton, CraigMusic Section2021-06-09SMU02
Prehistoric Britain, and the Visual ArtsSmiles, Prof. SamLiterature and Art Section2021-05-29SLA03
Harland and Wolff (Appledore)Wood, JohnBideford Branch2021-05-28BBI03
Music in DevonBanfield, Prof. StephenMusic Section2021-05-23SMU01
The Rolle Canal in North DevonWills, AdrianTavistock and West Devon Branch2021-05-21BTA05
The Remarkable Pinwill SistersWilson, Dr HelenBuildings Section2021-05-20SBU03
Estuarine foraminifera and metal pollutionHart, Prof. MalcolmGeology Section2021-05-15SGE04
Iron Ore Mining in Devon and West SomersetAtkinson, Dr MickIndustrial Archaeology Section2021-05-08SIA06
An interview with Dr Ian Mortimer, historian and authorMortimer, Dr IanLiterature and Art Section2021-04-29Audio file only. Discusses the researching and writing of history and historical fiction.SLA02
Mosses and Liverworts: A training sessionPurches, TimBotany Section2021-04-26An illustrated introduction to bryophytesSBO01
Devon Tollhouses - Lost and FoundKanefsky, Dr JohnIndustrial Archaeology Section2021-04-21SIA05
How to Fill a FaultHardman, Dr KitGeology Section2021-04-17SGE03
The ShipParlby, Dr GeriTavistock and West Devon Branch2021-04-16BTA04
The Natural History of Butterflies and MothsHenwood, BarrySouth Devon Branch2021-04-15BSD02
The Wild SouthwestHicks, NigelExeter Branch2021-04-14BEX02
The History of Mount BattenBlythe-Lord, RobinHistory Section2021-04-14SHI03
Exeter Cathedral: Exploring the first 200 yearsWalker, DianeBuildings Section2021-03-27SBU01
Romanesque Sculpture in the South WestWoodcock, Dr AlexBuildings Section2021-03-27SBU02
Lundy - A World ApartGreen, DerekBideford Branch2021-03-26BBI02
The Flora of PlymouthHodgson, Dr BobPlymouth Branch (March Forum)2021-03-24BPL01
Plastics in the OceanThompson, Prof. RichardPlymouth Branch (March Forum)2021-03-24BPL02
The Golden Age of Children's Book IllustrationLaws, EmmaLiterature and Art Section2021-03-20SLA01
Rural Settlements in Roman BritainHorner, BillTavistock and West Devon Branch2021-03-19BTA03
A Photographic Journey Around the SW Coastal PathHolpin, GarySouth Devon Branch2021-03-18BSD01
Devon's Garden HistoryLong, Dr DianneAxe Valley Branch2021-03-17BAX02
Raised Beaches in the South WestTelfer, Dr MattGeology Section2021-03-13SGE02
The Three HaresAndrew, Dr SueExeter Branch2021-03-10BEX01
An Irish El Dorado. Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age GoldStandish, Dr ChrisIndustrial Archaeology Section2021-03-05SIA04
The rise and fall of MemblandMyers, UrsulaHistory Section2021-02-20SHI02
The OkeRail and Connect Bude campaignWolfenden-Brown, Richard & Ireland, Dr MichaelBideford Branch2021-02-19BBI01
The modern wheelwright: the last true wheelwright in the country. A tour of the workshopRowland, GregTavistock and West Devon Branch2021-02-19BTA02
Farming: The solution is within our grasp. So, why does it keep slipping through our fingers?Jackson, Dr RobinIndustrial Archaeology Section2021-02-13SIA03
Dunkeswell airfield and its role in World War IILane-Smith, BrianEast Devon Branch2021-02-12Includes a short talk about Joseph Kennedy Jnr.BED02
The early censuses (1801-1831), and how they can be used to inform Devon's local historyKnapman, DavidHistory Section2021-01-25SHI01
The wreck of the HMS Montagu off LundyMeara, HefinIndustrial Archaeology Section2021-01-21SIA02
The Dorset and East Devon World Heritage Site: a palaeontological viewpointHart, Prof. MalcolmAxe Valley Branch2021-01-20BAX01
Lithium exploration in CornwallWorbey, SallyGeology Section2021-01-16SGE01
The Met Office: A quick guideWhile, JamesTavistock and West Devon Branch2021-01-15BTA01
Charles Kingsley: his writings and timesWootton, Dr RobinEast Devon Branch2021-01-08BED01
Christmas in DevonGray, Dr ToddThe DA2020-12-18TDA01
Silver mining in DevonClaughton, Dr PeterIndustrial Archaeology Section2020-12-10SIA01