Devonshire Association field trip on Dartmoor

A field trip exploring tin-workings on Dartmoor, led by Dr Tom Greeves.
Photo: Elizabeth Greeves

The DA holds over a hundred events each year – talks, lectures, excursions, field trips… Most are organised by the Branches and Sections, but we also hold an Annual Conference/AGM, a President’s Symposium, and other special occasions.

If you’re not yet a member, join us to take full advantage of everything the DA offers.

All our events are shown on this website in

The same information is included in both views: you can choose whichever you prefer. In either case, clicking on the blue heading will lead to a page giving full information about the event.

The next five upcoming events are also displayed in the sidebar, on the right of every page.

DA members are welcome to attend all events. However, if they wish to attend any that are organised by Branches or Sections to which they do not belong, they should contact the specified organiser to confirm details and places. There may also be room for non-DA members who should contact the event organiser well in advance.

We now offer online booking for selected events. See the Booking page for more details.

We maintain a list of highlight events that have taken place over the last few years – our Annual Conferences, Symposia and other special occasions. Included are written reports and photos taken at the events.


You can use the links below to jump directly to the upcoming events organised by each of our Branches and Sections:


East Devon
Plymouth and District
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[Axe Valley – Branch closed in 2021:
link is to events held before closure]