Event booking

The organiser and the booking details (if any) for all our activities are shown on each event’s page. You can see a list of all our upcoming events here.

We are now offering online booking* for some of our events. See below.

*Online booking and payment is facilitated via WebCollect, one of our service providers, as listed in our Data Privacy Policy. Payments can be made by direct debit, bank transfer or cheque.

Events that can be booked online

All of our normal events in 2020 have been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic (details here). However…

  • A short Annual General Meeting dealing only with the items necessary to abide by our constitution will be held online via the Zoom videoconferencing system on Saturday 3 October 2020 from 11 am. All members are encouraged to attend. See this page for details – it will be necessary to book by contacting the Hon. Secretary.
  • Our President’s Symposium on 3 October will be hosted on this website. There is no need to book: just visit the Symposium page any time after the AGM on or after 3 October.
  • Booking for a Seminar on the history of Exe Island on 8 May 2021 is now open.

To make an online booking, select the appropriate option from the blue box below.

The process to make an online booking depends on whether you are a member of The Devonshire Association or not.

You are a member of the DA

You already have an account with WebCollect because it is now our membership database.

  • If you have logged in to WebCollect before, you just need to sign in and all our events that can be booked online will be shown.
  • If you have not yet logged in to WebCollect, you will need to set a password. Go to this page, enter your email address (ensure it is the one that you advised us of) and click on the Send me a link… button. WebCollect will email you a link for you to set your password. Once you have set it you can proceed as above.

You are not a member of the DA
  • If you have a WebCollect account for another organisation, go to this page and you will see our events that can be booked online. If you wish to book you will be invited to log in.
  • If you do not have a WebCollect account go to this page and you will see our events that can be booked online. If you wish to book you will be invited to follow the simple process to sign up to WebCollect (you can read their data security statement here).
  • You can also join the DA via WebCollect. See our membership page for full details.

If you have problems booking any of our events, contact the Registrar.